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bladder cancer

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Does anyone know who is the best urologist for treating bladder cancer in Baton ROuge, LA?
My husband is going to James Morris now and is thinking about getting a second opinion after six years.

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Get another Dr to check him over. I waited when I had bone cancer and now I can't use my hand or arm. Went to the cancer center in Zion ill. and they found out I had 3 large tumors under my arm pushing on the nerve.
The cancer center treats the whole person. wonderful place. I think there are 4 of them around the country.
My chemo Dr really had a fit when I told him I was getting another opinion, He said he would just up my chemo. he Still did not know of the cancer under my arm Found that out when I went to Zion. I take pill form Chemo and went back for my 3 month check up and the tumors have swrink 50% go back in 3 months.
Good luck you are in my prays.

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