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Severe Throat pain as Radiation side effect

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My mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 NSCL in Dec 2008. SO far she had 3 diffeent chemos.She is becoming week and stopped chemo recently. She had 10 sessions of radiation and stopped yesterday. She is having hard time in swallowing and her troat is aching badly. She is trying to have liquid diet. Can any one please tell me how long this side effect stays. Can she recover from this throat pain. She is so scared and worried about this pain. Is any thing can be done to comfort her and ease the pain so that she can eat little bit. This is first time she had radiation for lungs.


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I went through this same problem with pain from the esophagus from radiation on chest for lung cancer, drinking water was like drinking acid. Doctor can give you subscription for magic mouth wash coats throat and dulls the pain. I was able to drink spring water ( no floride in it ) Talk to your Doctor they can help you with this pain. Best wishes and prayers for you and Mom. Dan

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Thank you so much for your response. I will check with mymom's doctors. My mom is in India and doctor keep saying nothing to worry ,no major side affects.

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The pain does go away a little while after the radiation is finished - I had 40 radiation sessions for my lungs a couple of years ago, and although the radiology oncologist prescribed the "magic mouthwash" to ease the pain I only used it once. I couldn't tolerate the way the lidocaine actually numbed my throat; it just didn't agree with me somehow, and I found it better to suffer the soreness than to use the stuff. Lots of people do use it, tho, with no problem.


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I will talk to doctor what he thinks about prescribing meds for my mom. My heart weeps when I have to tell my mom what to expect from all these treatments. I feel like why my mom got LC..she doesn't know any thing about this disease..Every day I pray ,GOD please dont let another family go through this pain. When I see new people posts after they diagnosied by cancer,my heart breaks..

Thank you so much for your posts..i do read all your replies to other posts.

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I also had the pain from the radiation it was the worst pain I have ever had. It does go away, the only thing I could tolerate were otter pops they came in soda flavors I lived on them for weeks sorry about the pain your mother is having.

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There is someething called Calfete...or similar name...that drs prescibe..it sooths the throat too...
This is a temporary situation...takes about 2-3 weeks to be totally free of that discomfort...

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The drs. gave me a script for this...we call it the Harry Potter Juice, LOL. Pharmacy had to mix like 3-4 things for it and it's in a big red bottle.

It has Maalox, Lidocaine, benedryl and something else. I gargle with it and swallow before eating. It numbs the entire mouth and throat.

It does help with eating. I started having problems even swallowing water, coffee or juice. I keep some at work.

I've been really thirsty lately and cancer dietician suggested Ligui's Italian Ice. OH MY! It tastes great, goes down soooo smooth and quenches my thirst perfectly. (I like the Mango and Pina Colada).

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