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Support with Cleansing, Essential Oils for chemo and side effects

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My mother was diagnosed with MM 10 years ago. She underwent chemo, intravenous and oral. She last year( April 09) went through a stem cell transplant and as of this December her counts were on the rise. She is about to endure Velcade!
I am wondering, has anyone prepared their body for chemo??? And please share what you have done! My mother has done a series of colonics, lymph drainage therapy, taken wholefood supplements- we cant possibly survive on burger king and micro-waved foods!), used therapeutic grade essential oils, CUT OUT SUGAR- cancer's good friend. She is alive and prepping her body by cleansing her colon , intestines and liver. We all know a brand new car purrs like a kitten, so does our bodies. She uses Essential Oils of high quality- not the aromatherapy you purchase in stores, please understand there is a difference.
Now, we can never tell if it is going to work or not. YET! The upside is that you are doing the best to prepare and lessen and be able to rid your body of the chemo that your body does not need, and when you are clogged up, then it it tougher to clean out. Imagine a clear hose. You run water through it and it comes out the other end. Take the same hose and fill it with dirt, hair, and the water will become trapped in those particles, making those particles ickier.
So now think of your intestines, your colon, your liver as that hose and add chemo to it.
You want the chemo to do its job. Yet preparing is part of the equation! It is a chance, I believe that one must take! Ive seen my mother and her new way of life and must thumbs her up. Also, her emotions are incredible and uplifting and she spends a small amount of time on her cancer. Rather, she educates herself. She still has fun, as she has found that balance.
If anyone has done anything that I have mentioned here, please share with others! There are no guarantees in life. Yet well educated minds help others, and that is why I am here.
As for neuropathy, there are essential oils and supplements that can be used, or given a try and perhaps good results if you follow through. It is not covered by insurance, so a monetary pocketbook is a must. Yet this can be done easy by trading the burger and fries for an essential oil:)

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Thanks for sharing. my mom was diagnosed last year and is now recovering from stem transplant. if you could please share your email i would like to get more info. mine is maggej @hotmail.com.

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mine is alwidell@aol.com
email me anytime

Hope your mom is feeling great!

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