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Hi everyone!!

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I just thought I'd drop in again. I am still hanging in there:) And slowly (I mean slowly), feeling better. My throat is still sore (4 months out of treatment now, and I've got those darn sores on the inside of my mouth. MD prescribed Magic Mouthwash again. Doesn't seem to be helping. I go next month to see the ear,nose and throat specialist. MY MD said that that is quite common after radiation.

I haven't been on this site much lately. I thought I'd try to keep the word cancer out of my daily vocabulary, it might elevate my inner emotions. In other words I thought it might help me be less depressed. Not so sure that it has. I've been getting other outside help too:)

I still check in and read up on what's going on though.

I hope everyone is doing well.


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Take care and keep up doing great.

God Bless you

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Hi Cindy,

Just started my treatment yesterday. Wishing you well keep us posted on your


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Hi Cindy,

I just wanted to pass on what I was told and also given in the last two days for my painful throat and mouth.

First, my ENT gave me a bottle of strait Lidocaine since gargling with Magic mouthwash doesn't phase the pain.

Second, I was told by a nurse today the many of her patients have told her that taking Maalox
before eating seems to coat it enough to drop some of the discomfort, she also said it's also part of the ingredients in the Magic mouthwash to help it go down when gargling. The strait Lidocaine is pretty thick.

You are in my prayers Cindy, I hope this info helps you.

Your friend


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I am glad to see you posting again. Keep a stiff upper lip and continue with your process. We(the forum members) will be here to listen and cajole you.

God Bless!!!


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