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Hey Folks,
I wanted everyone to know that I posted a poem on my “about me” page. I’m not a poet, or any other kind of writer; just a scribbler. I’ve never shared anything I’ve ever written, but snommintj’s post yesterday compelled my to put it out there. During The Great Religious War of Jan ’10, I remained on the sideline. – thinking. I do not want to get a religious debate going again. If that happens I will have failed here; as my intention is only to explain my fascination with my new favorite word – Sparks. .I embrace the faith of others, but we all have to act on our own faith, and you can’t fake faith. I’m one of those people who sends ‘good vibes,’ juju, thoughts, etc. These words, once so powerful and meaningful to me, no longer suffice. These words do not match the intensity of the feelings that I have for you all. So here’s my new plan, it’s not original, but it’s what I’m going to do. I’ll be sending you sparks. I’ll be out at the fire pit in the back yard, beating a fire, saying your names, and sending you sparks of Hope and Strength. It is my greatest wish that these sparks find their way to you.

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Roger, I would love for my name to be included....Patti

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I really liked your poem Roger, it is cool. Have a little home-made fire pit here too, can't wait till all this snow is gone to again have a fire out back in the evening. I can never keep that stick out the fire.

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Roger, i gotta tell you, any time i feel like crap, all i gotta do is read one of your posts, and a smile develops across my face! I found your poem very thoughtful, and very creative. What made me laugh was reading your "about me" page. What an awesome sense of humor you have. Thank you for being you!


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What a wonderful image Roger. Thanks for sharing the poem.

Sparks and ashes your way... Rob; in Vancouver

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Great Poem, and thank you for sharing it with us. I would appreciate all the sparks you can spare! Again wonderful poem.

God Bless

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