Six month Update Following DaVinci

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It's official I'm still in the 0 club. Six months after Davinci PSA 0 !

PSA 0.
Using No pads.
Having Success with Levitra. Life is good.

Larry age 55
Gleason 7 (3+4)
Positive margin noted from Surgery Results.


  • Trew
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    Larry, I am happy for you! I confess, I have genuine progress envy.

    But then, we are only snowflakes- everyone is different.

    And eligard is not equal to levitra, or viagra. For results that last: Try Eligard!!

    Ah, not so funny. :(
  • marc1957
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    Congrats !

    That sure is a good feeling isnt it ?

    Keep up the good work and keep us informed.

  • bdhilton
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    great news
    many your years be many with ZEROs!
  • randy_in_indy
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    Larry YOU ROCK!
    Please see my comment to you under the "Post Op PSA Level" thread where I first discovered your great news!

    Randy in indy
  • jminnj
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    That is great news on all fronts!! Congratulation!!!

  • Ralphie62
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    jminnj said:


    That is great news on all fronts!! Congratulation!!!


    Congratulations!!! We are so happy for you!! Celebration on the website is good!!! Ralphie and wife:)
  • spottydog10
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    Well done Larry
    Good for you

    Well done Larry
    Good for you on the sex life as well.
    They're giving me a pump next week so I may follow you soon
    in that dept.In the meantime as compensation
    I'm about to become a godfather anytime now.

  • johndz
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    Congratulation for 6 months updated
    Congratulation Larry- Thanks for posting your good reports.

    I'm 8 weeks now - everything looking good - just small mild pain around cuts area - anyone has same experience and how long mild pain will go away? PSA=Zero - 1 pad (Not soaked) - ED OK ( No pump -no pill) - will check again in 3 months -
    Age 59 1/2 - Gleason 3+3=6