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"Heal Your Life through the Power of Love"

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Dr. Ram Giri Braun, Ph.D.
Publish date: 
February 2010

This is a substantial 6-week online course that can powerfully support your healing.

In a straightforward and concrete way the course introduces ground-breaking skills to enable you to find peace of mind and emotional balance at this difficult time and to access the unlimited source of wholeness in the spiritual heart.

Most people intuitively know that 'Love is the best Medicine.' But how can you make it work for you in practical and realistic ways?

The skills allow the healing force of unconditional love to come alive in you, while you free yourself of stressful thoughts and harmful emotions. This can have a significant effect on your healing response.

The skills are easy-to-learn and highly effective. They will serve you for the rest of your life by enabling you to:

* Lower your stress and help your immune system to do its work
* Free yourself of fear, anxiety, depression and confusion, and
* Awaken and enhance the internal healing response

With the ongoing support of daily meditations, through study and valuable exercises, you will be able to deal much better with the many demands and pressures of your situation and

* Deeply nurture yourself from your inner Source of healing and strength
* Find the life-giving comfort of emotional balance and harmony to
* Heal yourself from the inside out!

As a cancer survivor I have created this course after decades of study and practice, concentrating on what I know is most essential for your recovery. The course is specifically designed to address the many issues you're struggling with right now.

This is my way of sharing my immense gratitude for finding complete, spontaneous healing from cancer through the power of unconditional love.

To find out more, and for free video and audio clips on how you can use the Power of Love in your life, please go to: http://BecomingWhole.com.

Thank you

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