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How come any cancer can be detected on early stage? my brother 49m, was diagnosis with glioblastoma in December, after 2 strokes, one on July 2009 and on sep 2009, on the second stroke he was diagnosis with seizure, he was released from the hospital with medication for seizure, according his dr stroke was caused by AFIB, so he was prescribed with DILANTIN,KEPRA AND COUMADIN,(I think a BOMB) he started getting disorientated at the end of October, we went to see his neurologist, change kepra for other medication, still he started getting worst, then on dec 2, 2009 he changed the new med to another one, then on dec 7 he has admitted because he got aggressive, and when he was in ER liquid was discovered on his brain, WHY? WHY? THIS NEUROLOGIST DID NOT REQUEST AN MRI or something, then we could have discover my brother's cancer in an early stage. It is any treatment, according with his Oncologist, no treatment or procedure will help him. I know it might be something there, we will try to seek for a second opinion and probably go to clinical trials if is not too late.

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That is a good question. My wife had a seizure when she was in her late 20's and had a wreck in her car.
They cat scanned her, said nothing was there then put her on a permanent perscription for tegretol.
20 years later, I come home from work to find her lying on the floor, her lunch box still sitting next to her.
She never made it to work and layed there all day.
We were told by our wonderful neuro-surgeon at MD Anderson that she probaly had, had this tumor for years and years.
Her docs in between her seizure and the day I hauled her up to the ER, 20 years later, just kept renewing the perscriptions for tegretol with a yearly blood test.
Maybe the docs just don't assume the worst and maybe cost is an issue of why they don't thoroughly investigate these things.
I know as a loved one, maybe I should have been more insistent that further investigation as to why she still needed anti-convulsants after 20 years was warranted.
I just kept allowing her to get those bottled filled and I am embarrassed to say that I still do.
Best of luck to you and your brother!

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What kind of cancer your wife has, my brother was prescribed Kepra and then Tegretol, after seeing his mental capacity deteriorating, then was changed to another medication, I am glad you wife still with you. I pray that my brother will make it and I wish this is a nightmare and I will wake up and everything will be back to normal.

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