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Pre Surgery Diet?…

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Of interest to me anyway and I am not recommending any of this to anyone…This was recommended to me on Dec 4, 2009 by one of my doctors prior to my surgery date (which is March 3 and continue afterwards-post surgery) …I read what everyone is saying here and we (or at least me) are totally “reinventing” ourselves for the better and hopefully not the worse…best to all and always keep the faith-BD

• One soy product a day
• 2-3 glasses of red wine a day (drinking it right now but looking forward to reintroducing my single malt scotch a few days a month after surgery)
• 2 tomato based products a day (e.g. ½ cup marinara sauce (cooked with olive oil only), tomato juice 8 oz, etc…goal 30mg+lycopene naturally)
• 8 oz Pomegranate Juice
• Salmon 3-4x week (sockeye…NO FARMED SALMON) canned, fresh or frozen (one of the cleanest fish in the world plus all the good stuff Omegas, fish oil, etc…)
• No, none, zero non “organic” meats products ( I eat salmon only since this date 4-5x a week-personal choice only-eat beef -eat grass feed only)
• 8-10 serving of vegetables and fruits (include ½ cup blueberries daily)
• No less than 30 grams of fiber (a great improvement) “you never eat enough fiber” (beans of some sort always on the stove)
• Green tea 2-4 times a day
• 2-4 Brazilian nuts raw
• 10-14 almonds raw
• Olive Oil as primary fat to cook with or salad dressing

I have found that above diet changes have not been that difficult for the most park even when we go out (2x weekly minimum). I have a small list of vitamins but right now I cannot take anything the 3 weeks before surgery…If interested I will post …goal is to eat right and need limited supplement/vitamins

On top of this I am up to running/walking 2x a day 8-10 miles total and lifting weights 3x a week (45 minutes)…remember my goal is to take one of my son’s climbing to the top of Half Dome late summer 2010 (and my urologist says I will be able to do this…)…Anyway, goals are always changed but goals for me are good to have…

Again best to all

hopeful and opt...
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My doc told me that heart healthy is prostate healthy.

We are more likely to die from heart related disease than prostate cancer

Note: At a medical lecture that I attended, it was said that farm or wild is fine for salmon.

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If you drink Coffee, switch to decaf for a couple of weeks. The day before surgery, you do a cleanout. Then nothing after midnight. If you drink regular coffee, you will have a headache when you can't drink it.

Tom D

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Yes know what yoiu are talking about...stopped my daily coffee habit (pot a day) a few months ago and yes I experienced a headache during my coffee "withdrawls"...I drink green tea 2-4x daily and I do still have 2 cups of cofee on the weekend

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