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Anyone have and info on RCC?

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About two years ago my dad had a kidney removed due to RCC. Its back again, and has spread into his hip bone, lungs, throat, and abdomen area. He is getting radiation at the moment for the pain of the mass in his hip bone. He is also on some kind of pill (not sure of the name) that is supposed to shrink the size of the other tumors that have spread. In a few weeks he is supposed to start a chemo, but the doctors arent havent any luck in finding something that will eliminate the cancer completely. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Hope is what you need to hang onto. There are many websites relating to RCC / treatments / etc. I think many who write / comment on this website have gone to the Cleveland Clinic (don't know if you're anywhere close) but if you are, it would probably be good to get your father there at least for a second opinion. There are new treatments coming all the time and I will say a prayer that there is something for your dad!

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Check out Interlukin-2. It's an immunotherapy.

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I had a radical nephrectomy in 06 along with tumor removal in part of my right lung. I was on Nexavar for a long sick time. Now I get Torisel every Monday. Seems to make me feel great!

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