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Please help...

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Is there something I can do for my husband to help take away his pain? We still do not have a diagnosis...but he will just be sitting there and pain will begin...what he calls heartburn. It is terrible watching him suffer!! I don't know if I'm strong enough to take this journey....

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Betty in Vegas
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He found that cold water surely helped. Very cold water seemed to put the pain out like water on a fire. I have heard this works for some people.

I would call the doctor and just tell him "look my husband is in pain, we need to see you and get something for it NOW."

Prayers coming your way.


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Posts: 140
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Thank you, Betty. We will try that...but liquids get stuck, too, sometimes. This is very frustrating!! We have waited over a week to get a consultation with a doctor who will, hopefully, do an "urgent" endoscopy with ultrasound later this week. We don't really even have a doctor to talk to about the cancer yet. They are still trying to get the staging. Waiting...waiting...waiting! All while he continues to suffer.

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Okay I don't know where you live but I am going to give you a few pointers, Jeff was 45 years old he had been in perfect health never been to a doctor in 20 years, other than his workers comp, never complained and this man worked from sun up to sun down, plus worked a 40 plus hour job he worked swing shift alot. then one day he came to me and said he needed to go to the doctor he said i think i am having a gall bladder attack hurt everywhere around his gallbladder, so he went to the primary care doctor she sent him for test x-ray, ultra sound, both negative was going to start him on some ulcer meds, now keep in mind this man was hurting severely, hurt to eat, and hurt to drink but never complained about his throat. i work in the medical field and i got very persistent, went up and above their heads and keep in mind Jeff's insurance was just an old everyday insurance no authorizations needed or anything like that. Well after I got pretty nasty they finally scheduled him a scope with a specialist, this was on APRIL FOOLS DAY, after the scope was done the doctor put us in a room, and asked if he had ever had one of these done, we said no and the doctor told us then he had a TUMOR, and was 99% sure it was CANCER!! you could have picked me up off the floor, we were devasted knowing this, of course the lab hadn't been back yet but we definately went on the assumption he had CANCER!! i was waiting on someone to tell me this was a joke, YEA WHAT A PRESENT ON APRIL FOOLS DAY!!! we were sent to a very well known doctor here in OKLAHOMA, and he went over things with us, Jeff went through 3 months of CHEMO, which was not fun, we had the mouth sores, the grippyness, the why me!! the hate you, the i am dying and so on and so on. He was scheduled for surgery the full surgery on July 23, he spent 11 days in ICU, the surgery went fine but he had other complications, he was hooked up to 14 tubes, I saw this man on a ventilator and not able to respond this was a very hard thing but as days went on he came around and we spent another 7 days in the hospital on the floor, because he was in bed so long he had to have physical therapy and learn how to walk. This was an amazing journey I had.

When I brought him home his taste buds were awful, there were days he didn't even know what he wanted to eat. Dairy products were a NO NO you spend too much time with MR. JOHN, and you learn how to eat all over, you think you can eat one more bite but that bite is putting it over the limit. You learn as you go.

I had to put on MY BIG GIRL PANTIES AND MOVE ON WITH THIS UGLY DISEASE WE CALL CANCER !!!! it is not an easy journey but the end results is usually great, they took out 11 lymph nodes in surgery and diagnosed him with stage 2, it will be a year on April 1, and so far Jeff has done great, the first 6-8 months are the hardest, to get use to, but I recommend this surgery highly some people are not able to have surgery so if your husband or companion is able go for the gold.

Jeff returns to the doctor in April, he is on SSD and a disability check from his company and everyone is not that fortunate.

You have to stand ground and show them you are not just a person you are somebody who care, and you want to get the ball rolling, you have to be persistent otherwise it might be too late, Most of the CSN people will refer you to me, cause I had a long journey to fight and if it wasn't for this site I wouldn't be where I am today.

I will say CANCER/caregiver does make you a strong person, and you learn alot down the road.

If I can help with any questions don't hesitate to ask, I have walked many problems on this journey and probaly know every answer available.


Take Care

Lori aka Moe

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