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something good

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Hi Everyone,

I thought I'd share something good in my life. Yesterday, my daughter turned 18. She is the youngest of 7 and was 12 when I was dx. I am very thankful to have made it to this mile-stone and look forward to her high school graduation in June.

Sometimes I'm so overwhelmed with just trying to survive and deal with every day life that I forget to look at the good things that are happening, the things that I very easily could have missed.

Take care and have a good week!


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Isn't it funny how time is flyingg by.. I just thought yesterday that it will be 2 years in March when I was diagnosed, it seems like yesterday. Although, it sure feels great to make those milestones in our lives...I am so happy that June is coming for your daughter and that you will be there to see it happen....I am tickled for you sweetie....enjoy the day...Love to ya, Buzz

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Taking life one day at a time and on occasion, one hour at a time (when really hurting, one minute/second at a time!!!)life goes on. with or without us. Its nice when happy/good anniversaries take you by surprise. Its also part of life how even bad anniversaries come around, like date of being told one has cancer.Good or bad, we're still alive to emjoy(and while I'd much rather celebrate the good, that I'm alive to remember the not so good is good in itself.....).....Steve

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The youngest of 7! Wow! What an awesome family you must have.

It feels really good when the last one graduates from highschool. Just think... 7 Children, 12 years of school each. That's 84 "parent-years" involved in school! Hundreds of report cards, thousands of lunches! Phew! It is a milestone worth noting and you can share in the sense of accomplishment.

TTFN... Rob; in Vancouver

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I love hearing from the old-time survivors! Especially after all the loses we've already had this year.

Congratulations on your success, and on being able to raise such a large family after all you've been through. I often wonder what i would have done had i had to go through this cancer experiment with ONE child! Blow me down!


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I am so glad for you!! It really does make us sit back and really take in the important things in life. Our kids/husbands/wives for example.

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It's good to be around for the good things.That's alot of work,dealing with growing children,and an illness.That's a great acomplishment.Have a good week too.

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That's a lovely thing to share with us. I hope your daughter had a happy birthday! I'm sure she is very glad you are here to celebrate milestones with her.


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I am the youngest of 7 and always thought it was the perfect spot in the birth order!! 6 extra parents to watch out for me!

Congratulations on such a milestone. Life is good.


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I came to the board today because I felt the need to speak life to us all...It is not our time to leave this earth, evil though that evil invader wanted us to believe that it was. Well when I got to the board I saw your 'something' good post and decided to leave a comment on your thread since it was such a good report...we have so much living to do!

I'm 5 treament in now with 7 more to go and I have decided that with God on my side, Him and I are gonna walk through this and every ucoming treatment with no to minimal side effects. I told my Oncologist that even though my last treatment is May 19 or sooner, God told me that my life begins its newness of all things good for me on 1 June...I walk into my life's destiny and promise. It looks like you will be too!!!!! Both of my daughters are now adults and living away from home since August. I was planning to begin that new life, but God was like not yet...he had to pull me out of the rat race of life and put me on a Sabbatical to regroup and take care of me!!!!

So it is my prayer that everyone who is still going through treatments will take it one treatment and a time and allow God to walk them through it with every symtom that comes, asking him to either remove the pain or symptom coming from the chemo drug or just not allow it to be overwelming....but bearable...

And pray for me that I will do what I'm suppose to and get enough fluids in. Before my treatments I love water but during the treatments I hate it so I'm having to find other ways to get down the fluids by microwaving every drink...(apple juice with a tastefully simple mullin spice, milk/suger and teas...)

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I found a tea (wild berry) and it is wonderful I can drink it all day it has a very good berry taste and it is great hot...

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If the smells of the water/minerals in the water are bothering you try running your bath about 20 to 30 minutes before you get in the steam disapates a bit and the minerals settle. I had a horrible time on chemo with water. Drinking it, was hard too. Icy cold, which made me then freeze, but I didn't taste it as much. Down your meds and water before you get in bath then it warms you up.LOL hope this helps!
Goofyladie (Cass)12 year survivor Stage IV

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Hey Jamie. That is quite a milestone. Thank you for sharing it. It's a great feeling when we remember to step back and really enjoy the good things. Forget the the old saying, "time flies when you're having fun." Time just flies. The trick is figuring out how to have fun.

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