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Husband has had success with Sutent

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My husband was diagnosed with Stage 3 RCC in 1/2009. Had right radical nephrectomy 2 weeks later.

October 2009 diagnosed with mestastic RCC to the lungs.

He has done 2 rounds of 50mg Sutent. Latest ct scan has showed:

* Nodule in the left lower lobe is 3mm - it was 11mm.

* Largest nodule measures 5x6mm - previously measured 7x8mm

* Drastic decrease in size & visible number of bilateral pulmonary nodules

* Adrenal gland measures 8mm, previously it was 2.3cm

He started Sutent again tonight.

Has anyone else had success with Sutent. If so, did you continue to take it? If or when do you think you will stop?


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Hi Suzon,

I haven't been on Sutent very long, just since Nov. '09. I have a 10cm tumor in my left kidney with mets to both lungs. The Sutent didn't really shrink the tumors, but the necrotized so the kidney is kind of spongy now. Hard to explain, but the doctor says this is good!! Also the mets in the lungs are smaller. I'm having surgery to remove the kidney on the 31st of March, and the oncologiost has taken me off the Sutent for now and they will monitor me after surgery and until the lung tumors start to grow again I will be off Sutent. I've been pretty fortunate, my side effects were tolerable and the drug did seem to do a very good job judging by doctor's comments. I wish you and your hubby all the best!!!

How did his surgery go, I understand that recovery takes quite awhile. Any info on the surgery would be appreciated. I'm not looking forward to that, but I do want to get that kidney out of there. Definite mixed feelings.

Regards to you both

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My husband has stage 4 kidney cancer, found out in Jan. He had a 9 cm tumor on kidney and had it removed Feb 16th. Put on Sutent about 3 weeks aog, so far no noticable side effcts.He will do two cycles of the Sutent and then have a cat scan to see if anything changes.It has spread to both lungs so hopefully it works.

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My husband has Stage 4 kidney cancer, 15 cm tumor of right kidney with radical nephrectomy and adrenalectomy November 19,2009. He just finished three rounds of Sutent and had repeat CT scans and bone scans. Every single one of his tumors had shrunk considerably. Our oncologist told us he has never seen this amount of results so quickly with Sutent. My husband also has tumors in both lungs, one of which is a primary lung tumor, which also had shrunk. I will pray your husband has the same great results.

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I had emergency surgery Sept 2007 to remove right kidney, RCC.
In the spring of 2008 we noticed bulging of left orbital. The cancer had spread to that area so I did a round of radiation target left orbit.
I started Sutent Oct of 2008. I have been on a regular routine of 28 days on 14 days off since then, 17 months. Dr estimated I had up to 2 years to live. The Sutent gave me very uncomfortable side effects, diaharea, nausea, headaches, sores on feet from drying and splitting of skin, to the point I can't walk and of course very tired. When off Sutent, I call it my "vacation time", as the side effects go away. The side effects are pretty much under control with other meds. My MRIs and CAT scans have been very good since and I am glad I continued with the Sutent even with the side effects. I have been noticing lately I have had less need to take the meds for nausea and diaharea. I have had days that I stayed in bed all day...but they are less and less as time passes.
The Dr and I are very pleased with Sutent..

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I had my left kidney removed in November 2009,was in the hospital for 4 days.It was a rather painful and slow recovery,but could have been worse I guess.I am now on my 3rd round of 50 mg Sutent and no further growth or metastasis so far.In fact,the number of nodes in my lungs has decreased and the mass in my kidney has shrunk a small degree.
In the beginning,my main side effects were diarrhea,nausea,overall weakness, and heart palpitations.During my second round the heart palpitations seemed to have left but I still experienced all other initial side effects.Now in my third round,all that is left is diarrhea and occasional nausea.It seems like my body is becoming accustomed to it somehow,which my oncologist said would happen to some degree.While I can't get too far away from a toilet,Sutent has been great.The side effects are a lot milder than some other treatments,and best of all,it appears to do what it is supposed to do!
It is absolutely wonderful to hear of your success! May it continue until NED!!!

Best of luck!!

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Had radical left nephro in sep 2009. stage iv mets. underwent Interlukin-2 treatment for two rounds. That was rough. looks like it worked in some areas but now had mets to the lungs. They started me on Sutent. just finishing my 3rd week of first round. side effects negligable compared to 1 week in ICU with interlukin treatment. After 4 weeks, i get two weeks off and am going to the Outer Banks of North Carolina for a week. Then I'll start round two of sutent. Hope the scans that follow show progress. Best of luck to all who fight the battle.

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