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Ah, the Dutch...my latest adventure:Baking!!!

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I am attempting to bake bananna bread here in The Netherlands...now, the first hurdle was to find measuring spoons I could understand...Theelepel and Eetlepel just don't cut it, and most recipes here measure spices and leavening stuff (baking powder, etc) by weight in grams. But, each spice can weight different amounts, so it's not a straight conversion. And I was using a recipe from The Food Network, so, it was in teaspoons and tablespoons. I finally found some 'normal' measuring spoons in a specialty store...lol...

Next hurdle....NO such thing as baking soda. Baking powder, yes...but no soda...people just stared when I asked...more than likely thought 'silly American!'...BUT....after research on the Web...Baking Soda is a different name here..and VERY common for use for tummy upsets...just like in the States..., but not used in cooking. I bought some, for triple the price I'm used to...you know, the stuff in the orange box, put in your fridge, etc...99cent only store sells it...

Next hurdle...the oven. Now, Farenheit is the American standard, but in the rest of the world...well, it's celsius....that was relatively easy...I already have, as an internet favorite, a converter. This was from all the times I get asked 'now, how warm is the weather in America?' And when I respond 'Oh, about 100 degrees', I was met with shocked faces...celcius is 0 at freezing, where Farenheit is 32...and it's not a straight convert...lol...100 degrees is about (wait while I check) 38 celsius. Again, these people were thinking 'silly American', I am fairly certain...but not in a bad way...just like you would to a cat who tears up your couch...ROFL!

The final hurdle was an international one. I am used to baking in a gas oven....most houses here (including this one) have electric. Patience is the key word...lol...it can take longer for things to brown...but you must watch, otherwise it blackens before you know it, and it's food for the birds...too burnt, and the birds write a Letter of Complaint to the Dutch green agency, and you are SUNK!

Now, I'm ready to enjoy my bananna bread with my dutch friends. The trouble is that they were expecting REAL bread...this is cake to them. So, I just shake my head and think 'Ah, the Dutch'....lol!

BIG hugs! Kathi

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must be nice to afford all the trips you seem to take I don't feel like going to the mail box let alone travel the way you seem to be doing. Hope you don't break anything else . Be carefull...

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I'm an old cuss, 5 years out from CRC, so I feel much better...I DO remember the days of not even having the energy to make it to the mailbox...took sitting down 3 times each way, and it's only 20 feet from my front door....

The Netherlands is my beau's birthplace, and, when his mom died 2 years ago, we made the decision to keep the house, and live in it for half the year, the other half, in California. He speaks fluent Dutch (of course...lol...he grew up in Holland), and I am learning. We both have family still in America, so 3 months at a time is the max. It's been a tough 5 years...My 2 cancers, all my hospitalizations, my beau's heart troubles, both his parents passing, my younger daughter and my ex-hubby passing...WHEW!

It's a bit of a scary decision at times...when I fell, I had to go to a hospital where I had no idea what procedures were used. Everything turned out ok, but I'm glad it was my right arm, rather than my 'special' arm (lymph nodes removed from breast cancer, 6 months after the rectal cancer).

So, I am living life, true, because right now we can. Both my cancers were in the lymph nodes...so, well, who knows if or when it will return...

I am being more careful with the ice here, thank you for the thoughts! The lesson is learned, my arm is still bothering me, and I cannot completely straighten it...sigh, maybe it's because I am an old, osteoporotic lady...lol!

I post these adventures partly to bring a smile (I remember reading others that were similar when I was so sick), and partly to remind everyone that I am a 'been there/done that' gal...and life DOES, indeed, go on!

Hugs, Kathi

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I love hearing about your adventures; they tell me what is possible. Just knowing you are out there enjoying life in the way you are after not one but two cases of cancer helps to give me hope that one day that could be me too! Thanks for continuing to post your stories; they truly are inspiring! I have never been to the Netherlands, but know some wonderful people of Dutch descent. I am Canadian + every year the Netherlands sends over thousands of tulip bulbs to our capitol city, Ottawa; visiting Ottawa in May is truly a treat; the tulips are all in bloom. You have been through a lot + it is great you are enjoying yourself so much. Keep on doing what you are doing!

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*smiles* Even if they think you're a "silly American," I bet they thought the banana bread was delicious.


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Yes, actually, they DID enjoy it!!! YEA!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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Your story made me smile. What another world you're in. I LOVE it and I'm so glad you're having the time of your life!! I love to cook, and I doubt I'd do really well over there with a metric difference. I bet they loved the banana "cake".

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I have wonderful friends like you!

It truly is a different world, as you said!

I went to a 'brown cafe' this evening. It's a special type of bar where people come to sit and talk and drink...I talked to a gal who was a flight attendant, and we discussed the differences from America to Holland. It made me a bit homesick when I described life in California!

I am certain, if you were in the same situation, that you would have no trouble adjusting, my sweet Holly!

Hugs, Kathi

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Just think you could come to Canada and bake now...LOL Yes we are metric here to.

Sounds like you are having a great time over there, you deserve it girl!

Just watch those wrists...



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seat of the pants baking!

Julie 44
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I also enjoy your stories you make me smile all the time...You also give me hope cause I am in the fight with the monster for the second time too...It is so nice to hear happy stories of people who are NEd and enjoying life....Keep on having fun and enjoy it all...Can you post some pictures of Holland??? I have always wanted to go there....Julie

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