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coming back slowly

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Hi everyone I am finially back home from the hospital for good now I hope. Carrie and I have been in and out of them and back and fourth from the Dr. visits the whole month of Janurary. I now have both of my kidneys working good and have a couple of extra riders hanging on for awhile also. I tried having them put the tubes from my kidneys to the bladder first and well that didn't work very good. That came with alot of pain and 2 trips to the ER. So now I have 2 tubes coming from my back that connect to 2 bags and have to drain them about 3 times a day, at least they won't be permanent once we take care of the bladder cancer and the ueraters I should be able to have it reversed unless I end up losing my bladder then they will become my new friends. I will tell you this I was feeling really good until the end of december and then it was like all hell broke loose for me. I thought it was over a couple of times until I got some get mad get fighting news from our friend Craig. That man sure has a way of getting you off your *** and doing something about it dosen't he (awsome friend). Well I also will see my new onc. next week, I am a little worried because I haven't had any treatment since jan. 5 so I need to get this show back on the road fast. Anyway its good to be back I can't wait to talk to all of you again, I hope carrie kept you all up to date on here. I know she did on my caringbridge site so I am assuming she let all of you know as well. Love you all

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has kept us up to snuff on you...Shes a great woman...Good to see you home again..Love and Hope Buzz

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Great to hear that you are doing well. You've had a heck of a month. Take it easy for now. Rest up for the next stage.
(And I agree - Craig's pretty awesome.)

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Very good to have you back and lets hope this new month will be a great one for you..


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So glad to see that you are home and in fighting spirit. Yes, Carrie did keep us updated, quite a lady indeed. Take care - Tina

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Glad to hear you're healing, Pat.

I think of you several times a day. Wishing you only good things.


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Glad to hear you are back home, that goes a long way to feeling better.

Glad to hear that procedure has potential to be temp.

Hopefully you have had the worst that 2010 will bring you and everything will be on the upswing from here on out.

Take care...positive thoughts and good wishes coming your way.


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Hi Pat,

Thanks for checking in with us & giving us an update. I hope your new onc & the new month bring all good things for you.

Take good care!

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Hey Pat- been following you on your caringbridge site and so glad that Carrie has been posting here! And yes, that Craig is pretty dang awesome!
Hang in there on the bladder-kidney-bags-and-all issues. As frustrating as it has been, and truly it must feel as though, "now what??" I am just so hopeful that you are on the other side of it and that the pain is doable.
What about that trip to Florida??

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What a gruelling month!
I hope the new oncologist works for you.

Rob; in Vancouver

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