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Well isn't that curious?

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Doctors appointments all day today. Still in the indecisive stage of whether or not the liver resection can occur on Friday. So all the pre-op stuff was necessary so I wouldn't lose my spot on the schedule. Consult with the surgeon tomorrow will answer the question.
I had a MRI last Friday and a CT today. At the onc. appointment today when I was checking out, the nurse gave me a written copy of the MRI report. I read it while sitting at the next appointment. I couldn't decipher the majority of it, but I did get this part...

"The gallbladder is present without stones or biliary dilatation visible". WHHAAATTT???

I found this to be fascinating since I had my gallbladder removed in 1989. HHHMMMM. Wonder what they saw? Guess I will find out at the surgery consult in the morning.

Just had to share.

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Hmmmm.....is right! Go figure. I would definitely question the radiologist that read that one. Makes you question the whole report.

Good luck tomorrow,


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"The gallbladder is present without stones or biliary dilatation visible."

"I found this to be fascinating since I had my gallbladder removed in 1989."

It sounds like they may owe you some money, ehh?

(I wonder what they really removed!) (oh-ohh)

Life's great, isn't it?


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Such a full week for you! I hope the surgery is a go Joanne. Will wait to hear tomorrow.
I guess you grew a new gallbladder! Go figure!

Peace and blessings... Rob; in Vancouver

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lol@"growing a new gallbladder"
thanks for the chuckle

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Sounds last week in the ER when I had an allergic reaction to chemo. The ER Dr. said I wasn't too bad - she's had patients that couldn't be intubated because their throats were swollen so badly. But I wasn't too bad because she could "see my tonsils."

I was in kind of rough shape that day, and didn't even think about it till I was home. I haven't had tonsils for over 30 years now. ???

I'd really like to know who the heck read your MRI, and if they have the RIGHT one and not someone else's. And I'd follow up on the person that read it if they did indeed have yours in hand. It sure doesn't do much for confidence that they've read any of the scan correctly.

I hope you get the go ahead for Friday!

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find out what he/she was drinking I have had a bad week and could use a shot of what ever they had to see a gallblader.Of course I had a doctor not to long ago who looked down my throat and ask me how long ago I had my toncils (sp) removed and I said never she said I can't see them do you think you could have forgotten having them out..I laughed and said Doc. I think that is something I would remember now if you ask when I had sex last that I could have forgotten but not surgery...


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My father swears that he had his tonsils removed when he was a child, and that several years later he grew new tonsils and had those removed. I wasn't born yet, so I have no idea!


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I would have doubts about the whole report.


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I know that doctors are just people and people make mistakes, but Great Googally Moogally!!! This is unacceptable. You shouldn't have to deal with this doubt. I'm sure your surgeon will clear things up and hopefully you'll have a big day on Friday. Can't wait to hear more.

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for all the humorous replies. I got some good chuckles out of them!

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I would make this the first discussion issue with your surgeon. With an error that gross, it could be that the report is not yours, or that the person reading it is not competent.

You have no idea what that report may be used for by your health care team.

You need assurances that they have the correct information.

Hope you get the answers you want from your surgeon.

Sending good thoughts and best wishes your way.


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