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Some GOOD news!!! *** Update ***

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fighting for mom
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It has been quite a while since I have posted. My mom (2b- T4 adenocarcinoma CC) is doing very well and has her energy level back. All her last test were all ok- hard to believe it has been over 1 year since the nightmare began. She is working full time plus some and can for the most part even keep up with the grandkids.

As you may remember I am expecting a baby girl- this Thursday! It has been a wonderful thing for her to look forward to, help prepare for, and keep her mind on something other than 'CC'.

I am so proud of her with her strong fight against CC. I am so glad that she can take time off- about 2 weeks- to be here with us at this exciting time! There is nothing like family!


*** Update ***

Madison Anna Renee Wolf was born Feb 4, 2010 at 7:54 am. She was 7 lb 1 oz amd 19.5" long. She joins big brother Spencer (6 1/2) at home. My mom was able to be at the hospital with us and stayed to help take care of us for 1 1/2 weeks. I will try to post some pictures so you can see our beautiful angel.


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What excellent news about your mom. One year plus is just fabulous!

Congrats on your baby! You and your mom (plus your whole family) deserve this! Relish in it. Since we're part of the family, we're excited for you!


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I'm so happy to hear things are going well with your mom. The baby is a wonderful thing for the whole family. It certainly helps change the mood and the focus!

Good lucky with the new baby,


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Hi Susan,
I love babies!!! And Grandmas. What an exciting time for you guys. I know you and the baby the will do great on Thursday - or whenever she decides to come on out. Please keep us posted.

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Thanks for keeping us posted, Susan. I am so happy for your you & your Mom. Enjoy the new addition!

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Congrats on the baby, and I'm so glad your mom is doing well and able to be a part of this important time in your life!

Please come back and post a pic of the 3 generations of girls when you can.

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fighting for mom
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I bumped this so you could see our precious new arrival. I will post a pix of my Mom with Madison soon.


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and congrats to mom also....Hey semi colons we are grand parents again....another baby born in here.......

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Nana b
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Ahhhh, I love babies!


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