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Can anyone see my new photo with my cheap $44 new internet-purchased wig?

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I never know if I've gotten the photo change right and then days later I see that I actually did get it to upload. I just wanted to share a photo I took of my new super-cheap $39 ($44 with shipping) wig I bought online. It was one of those spontaneous purchases that I immediately regretted, a wig on clearance. But it came today and I LOVE it! It may look REALLY fake in the bright light of day, but here inside on this cloudy day, I feel pretty in it. It is much closer to the color I wore my own hair and closer to the style and so I feel more like me. Amd it actually FITS better than my $250 wig I got at a hair replacement salon. My first wig was chosen by the stylist who felt I should have a color and cut more 'age-appropriate' than the wigs I was drawn to. And when I saw it on, compared with the wigs I ASKED to try on, I knew he was right. And the salon thinned and cut the wig on me so that it looks natural.

But I was able to trim this cheapy wig I got online myself. It had those really long sexy bangs that hang over your eyes and I liked the vamp-y look, but I KNOW I wouldn't be able to stand that hair hanging over my eyes so I trimmed the bangs in whisps above my eyes. In case anyone else is tempted, it's still on clearance at the America Cancer Society website for $33 and is called 'Meridith'. It's such fun to have a new look! I may get a similar style in a darker red and a better (more $$; microfilament with lace part) wig, but I'm happy and wearing it today when I get my Neoupogen shot at 3.

:D Easy to make me happy!

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I think you look beautiful!

Anything that makes you feel good about yourself is fantastic ;)

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Linda, your wig is marvey pooh, but it's the light in your eyes that is the real beauty in the photo. glad things are going well.


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You look very pretty! Love the color of the wig. Can't tell it is a wig at all.

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The wig looks really great and very natural. Glad it makes you feel so good. Glad you are feeling so good, too. In peace and caring.

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its nice linda, looks real. its only my 2nd cycle but i already bought one coz on the 2nd week of my first cycle, i started shedding hair. i wear scarf to hide my balding head until i finally got one. same as yours with bangs. i only wear it when i go out though.

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It looks nice on you. However, I thought you looked lovely in the photo I saw of you before. I remember thinking how pretty you were. This looks pretty, too, though.

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Hi Linda:

You look terrific. I am happy that your CA125 keeps dropping.
Keep smiling! You always bring smiles to us!


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Wow! You really did well with that purchase! I think you look beautiful. My sister in law has the same look with her real hair. I just bought a wig at a salon and need I say that I paid $450 for the wig and all they did was trim the bangs. I also paid $250 for consult which included make up consultation ( bought more eye shadow and lipstick).
I only were my wig when I go out as I am so use to wearing a scarf on my head after doing it for 7 months. I am still trying to figure out the transition from wig to real hair when the color, cut and texture of my own hair won't look anything like the wig. Oh well I will cross that bridge once I get some hair of my own! LOL

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I am seeing your previous photo.....LOL


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I love it! Let me tell you a true story. My girlfriend got UPSC before me. For some nutty reason she was given 15 months to live. She went in and told her gyn onc if that was all she had to live she didn't want to lose her hair so she would refuse treatment. I tried to talk her into going to look for a wig. She refused. Her husband got angry at me yelling that you women are too vain. A couple weeks later she called me and we went and got her a wig. Of course it was so cute on her. When she finished treatment I told her she could be happy now when her hair grew back. She told me she didn't want it to grow back. She did not want hair appointments or to get up and fix her hair. She loved popping the wig on and then popping it off at night. It was easy and she always looked great. After she finished treatment I got serous uterine cancer too. She is NED over 1 1/2 year.

I didn't wear the wig much when I had breast cancer but I did with this new cancer. My hair is grown out now and curly and I hate to admit it but the wig in the picture looks better!

We are true adapters with this cancer. You look good!

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See, I come from an odd side of this. Years before I was diagnosed (but while it was growing unknown inside of me), I played the lead in "Wit" at my college. It took me time, but I eventually decided to shave my head for the role. It was what I needed to do. My grandmother and great-grandmother both died of cancer. I witnessed my grandmother's wasting and it was traumatic. Being able to play that role and live a part of it, even in the smallest part, helped me receive closure. I felt naked, but then I felt proud. I wore my bald dome very proudly. Even though my director took me out and bought me many hats and scarves, I got to the point where I never wore them. I donated my hair to Locks for Love. I shaved my head again over a year ago for Locks for Love. We were doing the hair drive in respect of a co-worker who had lost her hair to chemo. Some of them shaved their heads so she wouldn't be alone. This was not something that she liked, though, it made her upset, I think. I shaved my head because I missed it being shaved. It was nice, especially in the summer, and so easy to care for. It was liberating. Ironically, now I am a college instructor who just recovered from endo cancer. I remember thinking, "Wow, I am living 'Wit'" after my diagnosis. The only negative experience I had with my shaved head was that I had to hide it when I was teaching because my superiors did not approve. I did not like that idea at all.

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