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New to forum

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Joined: Jan 2010

Hi everyone. My name is Pat and I am a new member. I actually found this site as I was googling "nose-bleeds + chemo". Glad it brought me over to your forum as I see that nosebleeds are common with chemo.

I have been reading lots of the threads and many of them have been helpful to me.Thanks!

I had surgery in October, stage 2 colon cancer/ right ascending colon.My tumor was very large ( fist -sized ) and the surgeon took my ovaries, tubes, appendix out as well. All were negative.26 lymph nodes were taken, negative also. I opted for chemo because of the grey area involved with stage 2 and will have my 5th treatment tomorrow. I am on the FOLFOX regimen and my dosage had to be lowered last treatment due to neuropathy.The lower dose helped.

Just wanted to check in and say "hi" and I'm glad that I found a site with so much information that I can relate to.

Pat aka jaylo969

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I am a newbie myself. I hope you find as much as I have found in the discussion board.

Posts: 827
Joined: Jan 2010

I have read a couple of hours of threads already. I am interested in learning as much as I can about colon cancer. I had a negative colonoscopy exactly 1 year prior to surgery.I am having a hard time reconciling that with all of the info I have obtained.

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Glad you found this board; it is very helpful.

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Welcome. I am quite new here too. It is wonderful group of people who are really inspirational.

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Hi Pat,

Welcome to the board! Sorry you have need to be here, but I guess you're already finding that a lot of support and answers can be found here. My daughters say I'm "addicted" to this board, and I guess they're right!

Take care and I'll look forward to hearing more posts from you in the future. I know how nasty the oxaliplatin in the Folfox can be- the neuropathy is definitely lousy. If you're not already, start taking B-6 and L-glutamine. The chemo nurse is the one who told me about the L-glutamine. I didn't know about it or start taking it until after I was all done with the folfox- wish I had known earlier- but, I got ALL my normal feeling back again in my hands and about 90% in my feet.

Take care-

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Nice to meet you. :o)

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I am fairly new myself here, but you won't find a better bunch of folks with lots of good info to share. Got a question or concern...ask...and there will prob be any number of folks who will share what they know.

Good luck with your treatment


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Welcome to our semicolon site. Thank you for completing your profile page. It helps to reduce the anonymity while still maintaining your privacy.

You will find a lot of helpful information here and support for whatever you are going through. Including nosebleeds.

Bye for now... Rob; in Vancouver

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Hey, Pat.

Welcome to the board! I hope you will very quickly feel like a part of our family here. If you have to have cancer, this is a good place to get you through it.


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Sorry for the nosebleeds, but glad they led you to this board. You will certainly find a wealth of information and support here. It has been so comforting to me and I hope that you will find the same.
Warm regards,

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Hey Pat,

Glad you found us! This group is amazing and will be your best friends through the cancer odyssey.


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Hi Pat,
Welcome to the board. I hope we can answer your questions and provide you with support.


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Hey Pat,
I'm glad you found us. This board has been one of the most important pieces in my battle. Information, love, hope, emotional support flow freely here. Welcome aboard.

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Welcome to our semi-colon family and I'm glad you found us. Anything, and I mean anything, you need to know just put it out there and someone will reply. Yes, Stage II can be a gray area so it is good you are taking the chemo to find and kill any soldiers that could marching through your blood stream. I am a caregiver, my hubby has the cancer, Stage IV, mets to liver and lungs. Tina

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something silly bout an ole man reminiscing huh.......Just kiddin...anyway, hello and it is nice to meet someone new. The reconciliation is only a way to beat yourself up over something that was out of your control, simply let it go and move on to the more important things in life, such as living it...It looks as though you have a great prognosis and already through 5 treatments is great almost halfway home. Neuropathy is a bit hard to figure when to stop the oxy or not. Thats a judgement call and one that you need to make , not your Dr. You are the one that has to deal with it, and he/she will abide by your wishes. Try to do them all but also know that the neuropathy can be permanent and tends to get a little worse after all treatments are done then starts to slowly revert itself "sometimes"....Love and Hope to you .......Buzzard

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