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Hiatal hernia

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Hey everybody,

I have heard a lot of people talk about severe acid reflux with treatments. Is this from chemo or radiation or a combination of both. I have been diagnosed about 4 mths. ago with a severe hiatal hernia. I just want to know so I can ask the proper questions to the docs
I see this week. As always, thanks to everyone.


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Steve, it is often the case that the same sort of behavior that leads to a hiatial hernia leads as well to head/neck cancer. I speak from personal experience. Smoking, drinking, and eating that good Texas and Tex-Mex food that you must be familiar with can have their way in that regard.

That said, following my surgery and prior to chemo and rads ENT Man put me on Nexium and insisted that it be the medication even when the insurance company was strongly suggesting that I switch to an OTC med like Prilosec.

The acid reflux that folks associate with chemo and rads is probably the result of the burning of the esophagus caused by rads, the nausea induced by chemo, and the introduction of a new diet as a result of surgery, rads, and chemo. That is just a guess based on conversations with ENT Man and OncoMan.

I would advise, of course, that you let them know of the hernia, if they do not already know of it, and that you let them know what you are currently taking for it. I would then ask if they consider the current medication adequate with respect to the treatment you are about to go through.

Good luck!

Take care,


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I too have a hiatal hernia but had it way before any cancer treatment. I am not sure how they form, the doc told me it was something I was born with. Joe covered it pretty well with the drinking and eating part, I try not to eat a big meal after 6pm. I imagine that there are quite a few other things that can aggravate the hernia and get it hurting. I did not have any problems with it while taking treatment or even after treatment I am glad because I love peppers.

Take care my friend, God bless you

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What I noticed was that whenever I was on the diet supplements, i.e. the jevity, ensure and carnation drinks the acid reflux tended to be worse. That said the supplements also coincided with the worst of the worst of times and that reinforce everything Joe said. The OTC prilosec did the trick for me. The makers of prilosec however must enjoy aggravating sick people as their packaging is next to impossible to open. You almost need dynamite and a jackhammer to get through that space age plastic.

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