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Liver Surgery On

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Hi All,

I do not post much, I try to respond to those that I can and offer words of encouragement. Every time I read the posts here, my heart breaks!

My sister was given the green light to have liver surgery! She will have it next week. This is a BIG step, as despite chemo since April of last year, her numbers have not gone down and her onc. thinks without chemo, her cancer spreads. This is also huge because she was denied by her insurance company twice for SIR Spheres and her latest scan also showed peritoneal "uptake". Luckily, the tumor board did not think this was a deal breaker and gave the green light to have her liver resected. We hope at the same time, they can remove visible signs of disease. While this by no means is a cure, but perhaps can get her closer to NED.

Surgery is scheduled for Feb 5th if all goes well during pre-op. Please keep us in your prayers. This has been one hell of a ride and I hope to get off it soon.


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Hi Marie,

I'm so glad your sister was approved to have the liver surgery!
Do keep us informed as to how it goes!

Take care,

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I am very excited for your sister & of course for you too. I wish her the greatest success with this + hope it gets her one GIANT step closer to NED!

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I am so excited for you and your sister! I can't remember if you had mentioned it, but where is your sister having surgery? I may put them on the list for getting another opinion :)

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that your sister is going to be getting the surgery. I am scheduled for a repeat CT and a MRI to decide if my liver met is resectable. If so, I will my surgery will be having surgery on the 5th also. I wish her all the best and send postitive thoughts for her reaching NED. Positive thoughts to you as well, wonderful that she has you in her corner!

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She is being treated at USC by Dr. Lenz. The other place (near where I live, no names mentioned) basically gave up.

Thank you all for the well wishes and prayers!

Lisa-I will keep you posted. I think you also consulted with Lenz?

Fight for my love
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Your sister and your family are in my prayers and I hope all goes,the surgery will be done successfully.Take care.Best wishes and best luck to your sister.

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That is indeed very good news. Hopefully the surgery will go as expected with no bumps in the road. Please keep us informed and give your sister our best. Congratulations on this big step - Tina

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Hi, Marie,

I'll be sending lots of good thoughts to your sister and the rest of you before, during and after February 5. Keep us posted!


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Terrific News, Marie!

I know it's been quite a ride for you both...here's to some success w/surgery.

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I hope it all goes well.

Rob; in Vancouver

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That is great news ! My sister has been a constant support to me through my battle. I will be praying for your sister and you. I hope she has great results.


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I am so happy that your sister will be able to have surgery. I will most definitely be thinking of you all next Friday.

I have told you before but she is very lucky to have such a great sister as yourself. Please give her best.


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I'll keep y'all in my prayers. Hope the surgery goes really well!


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That is just wonderful news....

Give her my best please.

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This is good news Marie. I'm thrilled for you and your sister. She is right where I hope to be at some point in the future. This gives me a lot of hope.

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Good new for your sister. I will keep her and you in my prayers this next week. I'm glad the team of docs at USC have stepped up and are going to work to rid her of the cancer they can get to. You are a dear sister, I'm sure you give your sister strength.


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