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Lights, Camera, and ACTION!!! Craig and DaVinci Story Aired on Local News - Here is the Link to See the Story

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Good Mornin' Out in Semi;Colon Land :)

Well, the moment I've been waiting for so long has finally arrived!!! KTVT-Channel 11 aired my story on the 10pm news the other night. I don't have to tell you that it was "highly emotional" to see a decade of your life (2000-2010) played out in front of your eyes in 3 minutes :)

It basically says, "This couple's life has been 'challenging' over the last 10-years...Life has thrown alot at them - and they still have a smile on their face and laughter in their hearts, LOL :)

I've been soooo much waiting for it to air, so that I could post the link out for you guys to see it - and you can see the story in its entirety - I'm so excited to be able to share this with the whole community - I sincerely hope that you can tune in and share this moment in history with me :)

You're going to see me in my CyberKnife vest awaiting treatment - you're going to see me in a hospital bed after lung surgery - you're going to see our house decimated by the F-3 tornado -you're going to see Sundance lying with his "papa" comforting him after one of the surgeries -and you're going to see a "skinnier us" in some pics.

It really was a very well done, professional job that KTVT did - they showed the human side of fighting a major disease...and still living to tell about it.

With all of the tragedy that we've endured the past month or so - here's a little "Ray of Sunshine" to brighten everyone's week - so ENJOY, it's my gift to you.

Remember, when ONE of us WINS - WE ALL WIN!

Here is how you can get to the link and view the video:

1. Enter the KTVT website URL into your browser: http://cbs11tv.com/

2. Click on VIDEO LIBRARY on the right side of the web page.

3. Easiest thing to do is type ROBOTIC SURGERY into the Search field and Enter.

4. Look for this title: "Robotic Surgery Gives N.Texas Man New Opportunity."

5. Click on that ICON and the story will play in the video window in it's entirety.

With Love in my Heart - and a Smile on my Face :)

Love you guys, Craig!

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Howdie Tex

just on my way out the door for my 45 minutes hard cardio walking....later :)


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I just watch video! That is awesome.


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... I Just watched it my Lion, and I must say how great it is to see you and Kim, and hear your wonderful "Texan" slang LOL...it's almost as bad as my NY "accent" eh-hem, but even hearing you over the phone is always fun!

Wow, I tell you, I am sitting here with tears in my eyes, not sad tears, but happy tears, because it was such an inspiring, overcoming story, and seeing the pics of your house was so sad, but glad that it was redone, and then seeing Sundance with you there in bed, just made me lose it.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful inspirational story of overcoming our challenges, I always say, when life keeps knocking you down, no matter how big or small you are, you get right back up and roll with them punches! and that's something we all are doing! Makes me want to fight even harder!

I loved it my lion, this was a wonderful piece! I am sooo proud of you getting the word out there!

Love and hugsss to you and Kim!

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Hi Craig..
Thanks for sharing that wonderful Video. You and your family are a pillar of STRENGTH AND COURAGE. Amazing what we human spirits can endure and come out smiling. You are truly an inspiration and I pray for a better year for You and Yours. Your posts are very important to me--makes my pain so much more bearable. Keep us posted on Robotic Surgery--a whole new MIRACLE!

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Watched the video and you are a real trooper it was very inspiring and hope alot of people can learn from what you have gone through..hoping 2010 will be better for you and your family.

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Hi Craig,

I just watched the TV video. Thanks for putting yourself out there to help others. Others will see this and think I can do it too. Great photos of you and Kim. Thanks for sharing this with us. We are proud of you!


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Very well done! Great story. So nice to see you and Sundance.

Be Well... Rob; in Vancouver

"We learned how to take a beating!" Craig

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Yea!!! GREAT piece!!!

BIG hugs, Kathi

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Just saw the well done video. You are so courageous to try this new procedure. I have a t-shirt on today that says, 'bound by courage; strong is the pride.' you should be wearing it! Lynn

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AWESOME video!! It was great to see you and Kim for "real"!!

Makes me think surgeons should all own XBox 360s so they're proficient in running a surgical instrument that precise.

You both look WONDERFUL!!

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Great news story, tho they didn't point out Sundance who was 'holding you together' in the one photo.

Gosh Craig, y'all have been through so much.

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They didn't mention Sundance, Diane - I even emailed the producer again and mentioned his name and that he was a golden and "very important" in our fight. At least they included his photo, it brings back so many memoris when he was alive with me.

And yes, the last 10-years have been a wipeout alright, but we've just held on and hope for better days to come :)

Thanks, Diane


Fight for my love
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Wow,it is really cool.It's so nice to see you and your wife,and your Sundance.

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You are a truly an inspiration, Craig. I loved watching the video and hearing your voice. Now when I read your posts I can "hear" you. Thanks for going the distance to help others. Loved, loved, loved that they included Sundance. Best of everything to you and Kim. This a new decade and I hope it is exceptionally kind to you.

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Great piece on you. You both looked great.
Here's the direct link if you want to add it to your post

PS: I think I just got a great deal on a new Honda too!

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My wife and I just watched the video. All I can say is "AWESOME". Your a stud. I'm proud to know you. Keep up the fight.


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Very nice story. Glad you are getting the word out there.



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Hey, Craig!

I just watched the video! It was so cool to get to hear you talk and see y'all together. It's a very inspiring story, and you handled yourself so well. It was not surprising to see your easy, gentle way of chatting about something so devastating. Y'all are a strong, confident couple, and you handle all of this so well.

Thank you for being a pioneer, and thank you for being so generous as to share your story, so others can benefit.

Most of all, thank you for being my friend.


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Awesome Craig!! Just Awesome. I love your enthusiastic, trail blazing, pioneer spirit. I also love your open and generous spirit that wants to help others by letting doctors learn on him. You lost a decade. May this decade - and many more - be cancer free.

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Wow, Craig. You are a role model for anyone facing adversity. Your story is so touching and the picture of you and Sundance brought tears to my eyes. Your willingness for the surgery and your willingness to share your story is proof of how strong you are. God's been with you every step of the way.

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craig, that was great. Thank you for ashring it with all of us. I really enjoyed that story.

Anonymous user (not verified)

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Hey Craig, I watched your video last night, and I did not think you talked to Texan. lol
It was so awesome to see you talk about your experience and journey. I am with Donna, the picture of you and Sundance was a tear jerker. I hope you will get your baby soon, a new addition to the family will raise your spirits. I don't know what I would do without my kids and my four legged kids, and of course my hubby. Bravo you did good!! Patti

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Thanks for sharing your moment in the spotlight. How great is this!


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Craig - How inspiring! I'm sorry you and your family have been through so much but you helped many by being brave enough to be the first. Allowing this to air will touch many more. That doesn't even count everyone here that you inspire, including me.

Keep up the good work, friend.


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Thanks so much for your reply - I'm so glad to have you on this post.

And your words are high praise and I hope I can live up to that with you :)

Thank you so much, my friend.


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Hey Craig, a 22 year old who has been in and out of NED for four years was told some stats by a 'friend' and that friend told him chemo won't get rid of a lung met..... Anyhow, I posted about your surgery and gave him the info on how to watch your video.
Colon Cancer Discussion Here

I wish he'd contact you!

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This was an awesome video. So very proud of you for being the first on this huge machine. Just looking at the machine is intimidating. You have been through so many struggles and not with just the cancer but so many other issues and yet you have such a positive outlook on life.


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Hi Craig,

It was fantastic to see this video! You and your wife have been through a lot in the last ten years, but it seems you have not only survived it all, you have flourished and enrich all our lives. Your home looks beautiful, you did a great job of re-building your house & you are also doing a great job (with the help of doctors) to re-build your body!

Thanks for sharing this with us!

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What a great video piece! Very very cool!!! Good to hear your actual voice rather than just your digital voice on the board -

Here's hoping 2010 is the start of a much better decade for you both!

You rock, Craig!

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I just watched your video, Craig, and all i can say is AWESOME!! I wish they'd gone a little more in depth about your cancer, but i guess it was more about the robotics. Every little bit helps to get the awareness out there, and you did an absolutely fantastic job!

Keep up the great work!


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I'm behind this week - just catching up. I'm so glad you posted this so we could see it all over the country instead of only in TX!

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I just wanted to say Thank You for taking your time to watch the TV news story about the me and the DaVinci robot surgery.

I appreciate everyone's post! It's still out there for anyone that has missed out.

The hospital will be doing a YouTube interview when they can arrange - I may post that link or not...most everyone has seen the website, the newspaper article, and the newscast. But we'll see how that one turns out and then I can see if anyone would like to view it as well.

Thanks again - I was glad to be able to share this with you and thanks for walking with me along the way.


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finally saw the video- loved seeing you and you wife "live". great story and you were captured wonderfully!



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Here's to a new decade of health and love and prosperity for you and your wife!! I loved the video. I found the scenes of your doctor using the DaVinci "handles" quite fascinating.

What an inspiring story. You should write a book!

All the best,

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Thank you for sharing this with us, Craig! I smiled throughout the entire story.


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You were born to be in front of the cameras and write it all out for us to read when we can't be there to see it. You just did a great job. I am a little bent your family has had to endure so much, but I am so glad you got the word out. NED is good, YES?!!!!!
Goofyladie (Cass)

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