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anyone been told "nothing we can do" IF the cancer comes back

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I am just wondering how many other drs. are out there telling patients that if your cancer comes back there is nothing we can do before it even happens. I must be crazy but I would think there is always something you can do unless its spread to so many parts and so advanced that they can't reach all the places.I have been so fed up with this dr. I am going to another dr. to do my follow up care.

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Nver hear such. I would definetly find another doc. There is always something that can be done. GOD gave the doctors the knowledge to heal, and taugh us how to have faith in prayer. GOD BLESS & good luck.

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If your doctor has already given you his opinion "there is nothing you can do," then he can give you no more--going to someone else will at least add another voice- one who perhaps has other ideas. Best of luck, and hope, to you.

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I concur with other respondents that when your doctor is offering no options you should seek the opinion of another doctor. In this case, however, it appears your doctor is not declaring that your cancer has returned, but rather offering a prediction that IF it returns, it will not be treatable.

Is he trying to affect your behavior by chance, nana? Is he making such an assessment based on age and/or physical condition? Is this assessment based on the type of cancer in your lung?

I am a strong proponent of the Hope and Humor regimen, nana. Seek another opinion, for sure, not because you don't like his prediction so much as because you do not trust him or feel comfortable with him. Exercise if you can (and you can), quit smoking if you do (and if you can ... and you can), quit drinking if you do (and if you can ... and you can), giving your body every opportunity to help your doctors, the hopeful ones I hope you find, to sustain you if the cancer comes back.

There is not a guarantee that it will, after all.

Take care,


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I have an appt with a new oncologist today. I have stage 2 non small cell adenocarcinoma with no spread any where, My sister died of this same cancer within a few months of being dx 17 yrs ago (by the time they dx her it had spread all over her body )I haven't had a drink or smoked for 22 yrs. I do need to lose weight.I did need to make a change with dr. because I have been so positive about everything so far this last year. radiation chemo and surgery. I felt everything was going well and had the attitude that IF it comes back I will deal with it the same way I did the first time and that was to do what I needed to do. This Dr. took all the optimism away and left me with nothing positive. I am hoping this next dr. has a more positive attitude, I have gotten my hope and inspiration from this website, and especially you. we never know what we will be dealt in this life but need to focus on living it and doing what we can, I want a dr. thats on my side and will do what it takes to give me the best outcome possible not be a pessimist.

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we have been very lucky to have found a great oncologist. he has always said that this disease would eventually kill my husband. but he has also said when one drug quits working he will try another until there are no more or john says stop. when we started on this road the cancer was so advanced-lung(primary) brain( whole brain raid took care of that bunch) skin and a spot on his liver. it has now poped up in his spine and is causing alot of pain so here we are back in radiation for 10 more treatments.seems like we get it under control one place and it pops up somewhere else.but the dr. said we will keep trying. so you keep looking for a new dr. who believes in YOU! best of luck and prayers for you!!

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