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I need help. My mom is sick and this has been going on for almost 9 months. I take care of her 7 days a week. I feel like giving up I'm so tired and stressed. I love her infinously and I need her to get better. I want nothing but the best for her. She just finished 16 treatments of radiation the the whole brain and She's not eating enough. She sleeps all day Sat and Sun and I don't want to wake her because I know she needs it. This is breaking my heart. Am I ever going to see my old mother again? She went through so much with gettting the omega in her head but the metho chemo alsmost killed her. We stopped treatment seemed to get better. Then I got rid of her doct who nseemed to do nothing. Now the new doct first thing started Radiation. Thats done now Thank God. What next. She can hardly walk, see,hear. I think I'm dieing from this. I think I'm dieing from this. She came to live with me meanwhile she has her own homw that she does not miss. I feel total guilt. Please someone help me. I have a business that is totally neglected and emplyees are worthless. My days are so long that I'm loosing steam.My mom is so sweet and I only want her to be happy and have everything with no worries at all. Whats next? I can't even fathum her being scared or wanting her life back. I die went I think of saddness for her. I need to find a cure someone please help me. I hate this disease to the point of hatred and being capable of who knows. There's nothing i can do right? Her tumors in her lungs responded so beautiful and They say she is amazingly miraculous. I have never missed one day with her and never will. I'm her angle she says what a joke.I want her better and I know there's things out there and noone tells. Please help?
God help us


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    you are her angel. you are
    you are her angel. you are doing everything right. it is the hardest road for any one, and you have really stepped up. we are right here too. please keep sharing and know there is understanding. it seems that all treatment is such a nightmare, doesn't it? try to not feel guilty for the way you feel. though, it is totally natural. guilt is one of my biggest struggles, too. you love your mother. i know from how far you've come so far with her, and you're so strong to go further. you are what she needs. i'm sure your being so present for her, does cure her in a sense.
    my thoughts are with you now.