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Name for a lung cancer walk?

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After losing my mother to lung cancer last year, I decided that this April I would like to organize and dedicate a walk in her honor to collect proceeds for lung cancer research. Since all of you are so creative, I was curious if you could help me on a slightly original name for it?

I know things like "Walk for Life" and "Walk for a Cure" are common.. I was wondering if maybe I could get the idea of "breath" or "air" in there? To represent Lung Cancer?

Also, if anyone has experience on organizing such a thing, I'd love if you could PM or email me. I'm doing my research all online but nothing beats personal advice. Thanks so much for your help.

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How about Pant-athlon?

I can hear you groaning from here.

You can't say I didn't tried and, by the way, kudos to YOU for trying. I wish you the very best with this effort.

Take care,


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I know its old hat and all but, You can join my Relay For Life team. Our walk is April 23rd-24th. Everything is allready set up. You can do a special tribute for your mother with a lumanaria. Thats a white bag with a light in it and a dedication to her. After dark all the luminaria's are lite and line the track we walk around. There are Relays all over. Mine is in Cape Coral Fl. You can join our team even if you aren't here to walk. Here's the address www.relayforlife.org/capecoralfl Then join a team, ours is Cape Coral Assembly of God.

Love to have ya,


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If you're talking about an April walk, how about "Breath of Spring" - connotes spring in your step too. Keep us posted where it'll be. And good luck.

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