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possible cancer symptoms?

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I am a 27 year old male and I am really concerned about my health. I have been having strange urinary symptoms since December and I am affraid it might be cancer .I would like for some one to please look over my symptoms and tell me if these symptoms are chararistic of cancer. keep in mind that I have been
having digestive problems since september loss of appetite, nausea, abdominal pain, weight loss, bloating, blood in stool. I had a colonoscopy, berium x-ray of
my small intestines, and stomach x-ray. everything has came back clear so far, and back in September the Doctors found a small amount of blood in my urine,
but I never heard nothing else about it, then in December I started having a itching urethra and discharge I went to my Doctor he checked me for a UTI and
it came back normal. I also went to the ER a little over a week ago and once again no UTI so please keep in mind I have no infection , and one more thing I
would like to add before listing my symptoms I have notice that the part of my urethra that runs through my perineum has been sore and sensitive to the touch
for about a year and a half now. here is a list of my urinary symptoms.

always feel like I have to urinate when I dont need to even if I just went,

every morning when I wake up there is a white discharge coming out of my penis,

itching urethra with pain accasionally shooting through my perenium, its worse in the mornings

cloudy urine.

and I have also noticed little white particles floating in my urine

Please some one look over this and tell me what you think. I am in no way looking for a diagnosis and have a appointment with my doctor next week
I am just wanting to hear some opinons and discuss these issues intill I can make it to my appointment next week. thanks in advance for any reply's

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Sorry to hear of your undiagnosed condition. Have you seen a urologist, internal medicine physician or just a family practice doctor. It sounds like you should see a specialist. Also you may want to do a PubMed intranet search or go to Mayo Clinic website to find out the symptoms of bladder cancer if that is what you think you have. You may need a biopsy done. If you have a bladder infection they should be able to culture ( grow in the lab) based on a sample of your discharge. If you are near a University Hospital try to see a doctor there.
Hope you get a definitive answer quickly.

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Bladder cancer signs and symptoms may include:

■Blood in urine (hematuria) — blood may appear cola colored or bright red in your urine, or may appear in a microscopic examination of your urine
■Frequent urination
■Painful urination
■Urinary tract infection
■Abdominal pain
■Back pain

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as much as you have posted here asking about the symptons and not gone to a doctor I don't believe you are serious I can't believe you have gone this long and not seen a doctor you posted this same stuff on other sites . If you are sick GO TO A DOCTOR we cannot say what is wrong with you we are not doctors...

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