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New Treatment Plan

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We met with our oncologist this morning and have a new treatment plan for my husband. We saw the PET and it showed small areas in the lymph nodes in the chest (nothing in the lungs). It is SCC which was originally in the neck. Neck is now clean. We will start erbitux next friday, every week for six to twelve weeks, with carboplatin and 5-fluro on the third weeks. So we have a plan and are optimistic. God is in control anyway so no need to worry. My husband is fine, he's playing Golf today. Thank you all for your prayers. I keep you in mine! Donna

PS. Hondo-You have started a photo update trend. :)

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Thanks for the up-date, I have been praying for you both asking my Lord to help his servants who have put they trust in him, while this may not be great news is it good news, yes God is in control.

The other picture was in 2006 I was just told that my cancer was back again for a third time and ask my wife if I could go home to see my family in Honduras. While there my brother found this herbal place and took me there to see if they could help. The God we serve is a great God he knows out future and he knows the answer to the question we ask why me Lord. I have been on this herbal stuff for over 4 years now and it will continue to work as long as my Lord and savior let’s it work. Now that I am a new me I did not want to see that old picture anymore, the picture is a Christmas gift my wife wanted and I look pretty good in it, so here I am the new me.

I love being able to put the faces of others with there names plus I need to be able to recognize everyone so when we all get to heaven I will know who you are.

God continue to bless and keep you

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God knew you were needed here for many reasons and to help many people. I am so happy for you and all those you have loved and helped.
About the faces, how would I go about putting my picture on my my messages? I want my online friends to be able to find me in heaven too! You and your wife look great!

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Its not too hard click on your name and it will bring you to you’re My CSN Space, you will see a button saying Edit click it and then click Picture, when it opens look for Upload Picture and click Browse that will let you search your computer for the picture you want to post.

Good luck can’t wait to see you, God bless and keep you.

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