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30 days

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It was about six months ago when my Onc said i had about a month or two to live. Well it's been six months and I've been visiting him every 2 weeks since then. I've been on Xeloda, avastin every three weeks and oxaliplatin every 6 week. My CEA is 125. It was 55 in July. Of course it was off the charts when I was first diagnosed. I met with my oncologist today. He had printed out all the treatments and procedures I had been through. I think he wanted to point out how lucky I was, or to point out how kick *** he was, or maybe it was a pep talk for both of us. Who knows but he still thinks I only have a few months but he has decided to only see me once a month. He also said that despite my increasing CEA he believes my disease is stable for now. I have some imaging scheduled for the first of march and I don't see him again until after valentines day. So I guess he's accepted that I'm not accepting a 30 day prognosis. Neither of us have any delusions that I will become cancer free using current treatments but I might be able to hold out long enough for something better to come along.

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Your strong spirit and great brain are working for you! Thanks for sharing everything along the way. You'll make it to the treatment that will get you cancer free.


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Keep your chin up buddy, I too was told I have 2-3 years and like everyone on this board has told me only God can decide when our time is up not a Dr.

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I like your style bud....Buzz

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You're a warrior, John...in reading some of your other posts, I took that you served time in the military and you have a very tough mentality.

You've already showed them, so keep showing them and hang around for that treatment or procedure to come along - for a guy like you, it should :)

From a big fan who is pulling for you at all times - maybe you did not that, but your strength in the face of advertisity is nothing short of inspiring!


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When people ask how I beat the beast twice, I say "I never thought it would get me!"...

It probably will someday, but that day is NOT today!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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Good for you!! Keep it up!

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John, will you continue with the experimental chemo you were to use after the tumor test earlier in the fall?

Still praying for you, John!


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keep on keeping on. None of us know what our future holds and you are strong and determined. Two very good things going for you.
Take care,

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I want to extend my appreciation for all you are doing for others. And my wishes that the procedure or therapy that you need will be here soon. Elizabeth

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You're too tough to let this disease win. Keep it up!


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Here's to you, and to the rest of us that are just trying to hang on until the next best thing comes along.

Just keep putting one foot in front of the other...


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I'm pulling for you- as tough as it must be, you've got to keep on kicking and stay tough!
Set out to prove your onc wrong- that you've still got lots of life and fight left in you!

Thanks for all your info that you've always shared with the board- you've inspired me several times to get on the internet and research various treatments and possibilities.
Is there any other treatment you can possibly look into doing? Any new clinical trials? You might still consider Dr. Cantrell. Truly, what would you have to lose by looking into it and maybe even trying it? I wish I had my results to let you know about, but I still have to wait until mid February before I get results of my next PET scan to see what it's doing in me. I believe several of Cantrell's patients that are worse off than me are getting results. Something to think about, anyway.

Hang in there & take care! (PM me if you decide you have any specific questions re. Dr. Cantrell's treatment).


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