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Does the Frog ever jump out?

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I've been wondering if I will ever get my normal voice back. I have the Quintisential sounding "Frog in the throat" which I did not prior to treatment. I just recently had a neck disection but if I recall correctly the frog was there after radiation. So how many of you have a noticeable change the way your voice sounds after which treatment and does the sound lean toward hoarseness? Does it ever get better or clearer?

Anyone know what causes it or care to speculate?

Kent Cass
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Joined: Nov 2009

Half my voice box has been paralyzed since 68, so I was especially concerned with this. Even caused a scene where I got the rads, ratface. Voice went 6 days after chemo and rads began, and I got a bit ticked about it. Much of my full head and neck time- not much more than a whisper. Still comes and goes, somewhat, but a lot of the time is better than it's been in years. Reckon it is individual and larynx-specific. Hope the Frog jumps out and stays out, ratface.

Saw your prior post. Savanna will benefit from the proposed Thompson business. That whole area of NW Illinois is very scenic- Lanark, Lena and Winslow, Galena, and Elizabeth. Farm I lived on was three miles west of Lena, and east of Stockton, some two country blocks north of 20 on a gravel road. And you wanna go to Louisiana? They got better weather down there?! Cold gets to me, now, but I do like our winters if they got snow with them.


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My voice was quite hoarse for a time during/after treatment, but it came back pretty quickly. My wife can notice the before/after difference, but it's very small.
Good luck!

--Jim in Delaware

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Believe it or not but at one time I use to sing, that was before radiation. It took several years before my voice got to where I could sing again, but only one song before I loose the voice. But I always said I rather leave them happy with one song then pitching pineapples at me with two. Weather forecast next week for south Louisiana 19 degrees, I think I will make like a snowbird and fly more south.

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One pretty song is better than no song at at all.

I started out (after radiation) with no voice at all. I could only whisper. To slowly getting it back. Each day it got stronger and stronger. Now it is back to normal with the odd exception now and then. I'll just clear my throat and swallow. Then it's fine:)

Isn't 19 degrees cold for Louisiana? It would be nice if you were talking celcius.


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Next week they are forecasting it to be so cold in Louisiana that they believe Hell will freeze over and the New Orleans Saints will win the supper bowl. Boudreaux also told me today that all the alligator are packing there bags and heading to Florida for vacation.

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It is three years since diagnosis of tongue cancer. Prior to treatment I sang solo's,duets, quartets,madrigals,choirs, and musicals. I still cannot carry a tune with a handtruck but my one note tone is becoming more melodic. So yes I have noticed a difference and yes it does get better.

At some point in the seven weeks of radiation I considered growing a beard, putting on a leather vest, and buying a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. I thought I needed these props since my voice sounded like a growling, gruff, gravelly voiced Hell's Angel.

Now I only growl when my voice gets dry or when I sing more than one note. I like Hondo's comment about leaving them happy with one. As shall I with my one note. LOL!!

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