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Repost with added questions

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I do not have cancer diagnosis but i am worried and looking for some answers here since I figure people here have personal experience that I can't find elsewhere.

Earlier today I posted this in an old thread which was confusing (sorry).

I have noticed over the past months that I have a harder time talking especially loudly. I feel like I need to clear my throat alot and when I do it usually helps but my throat get sore and feels scratchy and dry on my right side when I am talking and it has been feeling more uncomfortable more of the time (or I am keyed into it more). I don't know which. It seems like the more I think and stress about it the worse it gets until I feel like I have that "about to cry" lump in my throat and even my neck muscles in the front right start to feel tense and sore and my right ear feels kind of plugged up too at times. I also feel like my lymph node under my right jaw is sensitive not hard and sore but more noticeable than I remember it being (should I normally be able to feel these at all?)

I have been to the doctor GP and he looked with a light and thought it was nothing but suggested OTC gerd medicine but I kind of pushed for someone to look at it so he referred me to a ENT. I mad my appointment but thats in February and I am freaking out already.

Some specific things that I was wondering about...

My throat feels fine in the morning aside from being dry. Once I have coffee and cereal, I notice afterword a tingly itchy sensation on the right side by my adams apple. It does not hurt to swallow or eat in fact my throat and neck feels better after I eat or drink something.

I am an ex smoker and snuff dipper for 10-15 years and I also drink (sometimes too much) alcohol. I am also going through some pretty rough things emotionally right now. I want to think its just anxiety/stress or something other than cancer but I am really worried.

So, does any of this sound familiar to you all? Do you think I should just try to relax or go insist on being seen sooner? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Happy New Year BTW

edit: I forgot to ask how fast does this cancer become symptomatic? I had a endoscopy for gerd 2 years ago and they noted nothing except some minor irritation at the bottom of the esophagus. I have pictures that they took of my vocal cords so I know at least they took a look at them.

I would also like to know from anyone who noticed lymph nodes in the neck swollen before they were diagnosed...Did they stay swollen and worsen? Mine feel fine most of the time they just felt "tender" one or twice. I don't even know if they were swollen or if the tension in my neck just makes them more noticeable to me right now.

Thanks again for all you answers, kindness and concern.

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Glenna M
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My symptoms for laryngeal cancer were constant ear pain, pain in my throat when swallowing and a very distinctive change in my voice. Because I was a smoker the doctors did a chest x-ray first which was inconclusive so they ordered a CT Scan which showed NSCLC adenocarcinoma in my left lung. My GP also referred me to an ENT who discovered I also had Squamous Cell carcinoma of the larynx.

I had a biopsy done on both cancers to confirm the types of cancer and the stage of each cancer. After the biopsy results came in my doctors ordered a brain MRI and a PET Scan. I am not a doctor but I don't think they will do a PET or MRI unless they have determined you have cancer or they can't find anything through the other types of tests.

My advice, for what it's worth, is to push your GP and ENT for an earlier appointment. Maybe your GP can refer you to another ENT who can get you in earlier. I know how hard the waiting can be and it can cause a lot of unnecessary stress which you do not need at this time.

Please post again to let us know how you made out. If it is cancer there are a lot of people on here who can give you great advice and support. We are all in this together!!

I will be praying for you that this is not cancer but something completely treatable.

Best of luck,

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First let me say that I am so happy that you are asking this question. There are so many people out there that would just let it go and not go to see the doctor. I personally think you should try and get in and see the ENT this month. My dad Tim was diagnosed with base of tongue Cancer on 11/2/09. He was having problems swallowing (like there was a lump in his throat) and he was spitting up blood. He went to his GP and the GP looked in his mouth and didn't see anything and sent him home. My dad kept spitting up blood and after two trips to the GP he was finally referred to an ENT. The ENT did and endoscopy and a biopsy on a Thursday. The following Monday he received a call telling him he had Cancer. The reason my dad found out he had the big C is because he pushed he doctor to get the care he thought he needed. Be your own advocate!!!! I hope this helps and please let us know what the outcome is!

Thinking positive!

Lisa :)

p.s. I like your screen name! My mom's is Fraidy Scared :)

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