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Do Kegel's work

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I have not made any posts for a long time. As many of you know I have been living a RP nightmare. I'm not going to bore any of you with the details. You can go back about 5 or 6 post pages and read all about it. Look for Injured by DaVinci and 22 comments. I finally am back to beig a normal person again. I had my colostomy reversal surgery on the 19th of Nov. My colo rectal surgeon was great. Only wish my uroligist had been the same.
The reason of my post is to find out if any one has had physical therpy for incontince. The reason I ask is, I thought why do I need to have pt to teach me how to suck in my pelvic floor muscles. Well it was a lot different than I thought.
I do all kinds of floor exercies. I start on my back with my knees bent and then I raise my but off the floor while sucking in my pelvic floor muscles to a count of ten. I do four of these. Then I do the same thing only this time I add a leg raise. Also four times. Then I get on my side and do some leg lifts, then I do some leg crunches. I do all of these four times and for a count of ten all the while holding in my pelvic floor muscles. Then I get on all fours and go into a two point stance. Again holding my floor muscles in. Has any one else been to this kind of physical therpy and has it did you any good. Most people don't have a catheter in for fourteen and a half weeks like I did. Afer my cath was removed I was using 6 pads a day. Then after my pt for about three weeks I was down to 3 pads a day. Now on Nov. 19th I had my colostomy reversed and I went back to square one. Six pads a day, Now after just three weeks post surgery I am down to just 2 pads on some days. I work my *** off doing my exercises.
I hear all you guys out there talking about slings, clamps, pumps etc. If you know me, I have been through many surgeries this year to last me a life time. I almost died once this year and that was enough for me.
I went to a seminar while I haw heeling put on by a dr. who is in cahoots with the dr. who messed me up. They were selling products manufactured by AMS. I asked the question do kegel's work. He said a flat out no. I think he is full of it. He doesn't make much money sending people pt but he make a lot of money doing implants. Please think about what you are getting into. I had people come up to me at that seminar an tell me they have had nothing but troube since they had a sling implanted.
I just wanted some replies to see if you think I'm wasting my time. I don't think so. I'm doing so good now after being put back together it is almost scary. This is how my RP was supposed to go instead of the almost 6 month night Iv'e been living through. Any and all comments will be appreciated. Thanks Injured by DaVinci

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I had PR surgery two years ago. Totally incontinent 8 pads a day and nothing helped. I was in constant pain (5 our of 10) and kegels made it worse. I think the Dr. messed up the resecectioning of the urethra. Probably put a suture through a nerve. After 10 months of this my internist put me on Lyrica and the pain completely stopped with in 72 hours. After pain stopped I had intense PT with internal rectal message to loosen up tight muscles in the pelvic floor-no improvement.The PT I went to specialized in my type of incontinence. She did not think Kegels worked either and did not want me to do them since it seems to not work anyway. Must have done thousands of Kegels with improvement whatsoever. finally had the AUS sphencter implanted a year ago, still on two to 3 pads a day. Which is not great but a hell of a lot better than 8 heavy pads a day. I am planning on getting the penile implant in a couple of weeks. In my opinion, Urogolist are butchers who couldn't care less of the patient's outcome. If one screws you up no other urogolist will touch you-great bunch of guys-right......NOT.

My internist also does not believe in Kegels. His experience is that the nerves find a way back and the incontinece will improve over time (think years)on it's own.

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Wow! After listening to your guys experiences it just goes to show that nothing is full-proof.I myself have been incontinent for 3 1/2 yrs, it's exhausting, however, I have done the step by step approach and at this point will have Botox injections in a military hospital in Jan. Beyond that as I read about the nightmares of additional surgerys, I hope the injections provides some relief. If they do, I might consider doing them for as long as my Doctor recommends.

It seems like a lot of guys out there came through their surgeries just great no ED/Incontinence, God Bless them. But God Bless us too! For we continue to stay positive and search for some relief.


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Dear jkotrla, Sounds to me like you had as good a urologist as I did. Did you read my earlier post. I have been living in hell for the past six months. I had a hole poled in my rectrum during RP. As a result I ended up with a colostomy bag, wound vac and cath. for 4 1/2 months. I should have made my self clearer. The kegels I talk about are refered to as bio feed back. I've been hooked up to a computer via some electrodes and the pt can tell if I am doing my kegels correctly. I all shows up on the laptop screen. Really neat. I am about as far as I can go with my pt. Now I just have to continue to work my *** off and get myself without surgery. I have even advanced to do some exercises on a palaties ball. I don't think that is spelled right. I live in the midwest and have hired one of the best attorney's in town, no ambulance chaisers for me. Sounds to me you need to do the same thing.

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