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Where in the world is Winnie the Pooh

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Hi everyone,
Just wanted you all to know you are in my thoughts daily as i go thru my treatments and i have read a few discussions over the past month but i have been under a tromendouse amount of stress from life with cancer and i have found it difficult to cope lately.

I have finished my radiation and i am very sore, i can hardly sit for more than a few minutes at a time and i am in constant pain from the external and internal burning. I will be getting a ct scan on the 23 and i hope everything has shriunk enough to go back to surgery to remove my primary tumor and to reconnect my colocopy ( mispelled).

I have seen that most of you all are doing fine and i am hopefull and pray for you all.
Soon i hope i can rejoin the discussion. But for now i will be only lurking. Just sitting here long enough to write this little message has been too much on my back and my rump. ( pretty painful).

My heart and best wishes goes out to you all,
Love You

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I sorry to hear that you are not feeling up to par. I love winney the pooh, and every time i see your post it makes me smile. However Tigger is my favorite! TI double ger.
I'm glad your done with radiation and pray for a good outcome on your ct scan and hope to see you on the board more.
Just happy to be here!

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aaaawwwhhh, I am so sorry. I am glad you are still lurking and saw people were asking about you.


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Mine had told me burn/pain would intensify in the few weeks after radiation was over and she was right!!I usedAquaphor ointment on my *** chheks and Silver Sulfadiazine for up the crack of my ***-sorry for graphics but thats were pain was....Hope this helps and you get better..Steve

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So sorry that you are feeling well. I was wondering where you have been. Radiation burn can be very hard to deal with. I also used aquaphore with lidocaine gel and it did help somewhat but it still hurts. I know about not being able to sit for very long. I had my surgery in March and I'm just now sitting comfortably, but it does come eventually. Good luck with your healing and I'm hoping you heal very soon.


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glad you posted and let us know how you are doing. I am so sorry that you are not doing well, I know radiation is a killer I think, I believe I am suffering side effects from it now. It was the most painful part of my treatment, but please know it will help in the long run, and soon all of the crap you are going through will be over.. I will keep you in my prayers, hope you have a Merry Christmas...

God Bless

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My godsend, even after treatment, was a horseshoe-shaped pillow of foam that I took everywhere...my tumor was pressed against my tailbone, so I really had a time of it. This pillow was my best friend....

If you can't find a full cushion like this, buy a travel neck pillow...they, too, are u-shaped, and will work, just not hold up as long as the other....

(Make sure to put the opening in the U under your tush...lol)

Hugs, Kathi

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Thanks guy for the advice,
I have a master plan, step one is cancel the trip to Rio and toss the thong away>:

But in all good humor, we have to laugh or cry which ever one works at the time.

love you,

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and hope the side effects from radiation will pass - I remember it all to well - it was very
difficult and does much damage to our insides.

It is good to hear from you though - everyone is thinking about you as you can see.


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Oh, Winnie. I'm sorry you're having such a hard time. I hope and pray it will be better soon!


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I hope you feel back to yourself very soon! Have you tried one of those blow up pillows for your rump? Maybe that will help. Sorry to hear you are in so much pain. You are in my prayers.

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