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Its back here too, don't think it ever left

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My husband had a CT scan on Thursday, first one since he quit chemo Oct. 5. He hasn't been feeling good lost 25 lbs since Nov. 3 and still has no appetite. His scan revealed cancer again in the lymph nodes and something different around the adrenal glands. He starts chemo Monday 5-FU and Irinotecan once every 2 weeks. His doctor still is a little stumped because the CT scan doesn't correspond with how dramatically his tumor marker rose. He thought the CT scan would show something more. I'm glad for the fact it hasn't shown it's ugly face in any major organs. My husband did well on chemo, if the cancer is what is making him feel so terrible maybe the chemo will help him feel better.
My prayer's go out to my new friends here on the EC site.

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Hi M,

When all this first started with Al way back in May with all the testing his blood work for
the tumor markers were never elevated and to this day haven't been. The Dr.s try to do there
best with the information that the have by the testing. I thank God that even with all of the technology that we have that there still is the human factor.

I think it is still the chemo making your husband feel bad. Al still doesn't have all of his taste back and he still has the neuropathy in his feet, and he it has been about 2 mos or more
since he has been off of chemo. He will have to have a few rounds in the not to near future
they call it mopping up after surgery, also he still has 2 iffy lymph nodes higher in his chest that they couldn't remove during surgery.

I guess my point is nothing is exact. So you always have hope.

God Bless

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Sorry to hear the scan showed cancer......just be positive....the chemo he starts on Monday will kick butt.
I know...it is easy for me to say. We have a PET coming up this month and I am scared to death....trying to stay positive.
Prayers to all.

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