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1st chemo knocked WBC down to 1.6

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Checked in with the Doc today and I also have a case of thrush going on. But other than that I feel good. Went and got my head shaved today. Suprised that it hasn't freaked me out. I kinda of feel that it is my Red Badge of Courage and that I now belong to an elite group of women. HEAR US ROAR!!!!!

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Sounds like you've got the beast by its tail. Sorry to hear you've got thrush, its pretty miserable by itself. Vicki, you're such a courageous and amazing woman. Keep on roaring!

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Vicki, sorry you have thrush. Hang in there, you can do it!

Big Hugs!

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I got thrush with each AC eused the nystatin swish and swallow for 4 days and it was gone. throat and tongue was a little sore too. no mouth sores. but I was told to use peridex too. because the WBC does not drop like with AC I am not getting it with taxol.

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Vicki: I also had a very low white blood count following each of my treatments. Follow your doctor's orders and you will bounce back and the thrush and sores will go away. Good luck with the rest of your treatments. jane

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It is so brave for you to shave your head! Sorry about the thrush. Hoping your doctor can help you with that. You are a chemochick now! A very brave warrior!

Hugs, Diane ♥

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