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Prostate biopsy

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My urologist has recommended a prostate biopsy but I have found on-line sites that claim that prostate biopsies can cause metastasis. Is this a real danger? Are there alternatives to a prostate biopsy, such as a sonogram or MRI?

William Parkinson
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The phenomenon in question is called 'needle tracking.' However, there is no proof at the present time to suggest that needle biopsy can cause metastasis. However, if you are that concerned, an endorectal MRI, plus or minus Color Doppler, oe even MRIS, can help to show if cancer is present. The problem is, however, that only a biopsy can show the grade of cancer (the so-called Gleason grade). Bear in mind that freedom from biochemical recurrence can reach nearly to 98% for patients with low risk pathological features, all of whom underwent prostate biopsy, and you can see that the spread of the cancer seems to have little, if any, effect, if it occurs at all.

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A biopsy is a real necessary pain in the ***. I had my first at 50 results negative but PSA was still over 5.

Two years later another biopsy results positive. So even a biopsy can miss cancer but that doesnt mean its not there.I got a bad infection with my last one and missed a week of work.

I still believe the second biopsy was worth it as I believe it saved my cancer from spreading.There is one more option if your doctor will do it. If your psa is high just have the prostate removed with no biopsy, but I have never heard of this because of the unnecessary surgery issue.

Good luck on your decision but if you do have cancer you should know ASAP so you can then make a informed decision on which treatment to get to stop the cancer from spreading.

I will give you my stats quick Psa over 6...
Biopsy results 5 out 0f 6 cores positive for cancer
Gleason 3+4=6 before surgery....lowered after to 3+3=6
Age 52
After surgery no positive margins and first psa 8 weeks later .05


hopeful and opt...
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biopsies do not cause metastasis.....

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I'm thrilled that I had the biopsy! It showed 5 of 12 hits. The prostate came out 9 weeks ago and the cancer was a proven to be a little more aggressive vis-a-vis the post operative pathology report.

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The biopsy is basely pain free, the only thing you will feel is the injection to deaden the Prostate about 5 to 6 injections into the prostate, it will sting a little. The biopsy itself is pain free, your Urologist takes 12 to 13 samples from the prostate. All you hear is a loud popping sound each time the doctor takes a sample.
In some cases the biopsy will not show all the cancer in the prostate.
I also had cancer on the left side. of 4 3+3. This is not uncommon!
If you have your prostate removed, the doctor will send it to a lab to see if there is more cancer areas or to confirm the biopsy taken by your Urologist.

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I've had a biopsy, and I have to say it was definitely not painless. I think "stab" is a better word than "sting". Maybe things get more sensitive down there when you're 77 years old.

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