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surviving many operations/tumor removals

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If I am a survivor why am I still criing?

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Because crying is normal.

If you find, in your own opinion, that you are over-doing it, please seek professional counseling. In the meantime, be aware that crying is normal.

You have suffered an enormous change in your life. You have endured a tremendous announcement that sounds like, the first time you hear it, at any rate, a death sentence (it isn't, of course, as all of the people on this site can testify to, at least at the moment :)).

Your life is a new one.

No wonder you are crying.

Anyone would cry, and many of them are not as brave as you are.

You are a survivor. You have said it, you have acknowledged it, even if begrudgingly. You are a survivor.

There will be tears, and more tears to come. There will be changes in your life and lifestyle and more changes to come.

Friends will disappear, new friends will appear. Family, even, may choose to ignore or avoid you and/or your situation. Other family will be there.

No wonder you are crying.

Congratulations on your survivorship!

Start with that. It is not the end of your life, but the end of a phase, I have realized over time. It is the end of a phase and the beginning of another one, which may, in fact, feel like a new life.

You are still you. You are a wiser you. You are that. You know a bit more about mortality than most, and if that sucks (and it does, really), it is also a gift of sorts if you use that knowledge to spend the rest of your days wisely, kindly, lovingly, nobly.

Hang in there!

Take care,


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How are you doing now? The post that Joe wrote was awesome and right on. Our emotions can be so strong, they come and they go. We never beleived for cancer, never wanted it, never thought it would happen to us but it did. You just went through a major battle, to the body and your mind. It takes time to heal up. You have had to deal with alot of inner fears, pains and many frustrations, crying is a good way to get out, it is ok to cry. If it becomes to the point you can not control it, there is help for that. I went through it myself. I fought the fight of hearing I had cancer to the treatment, radiation, surgery all that stuff, and when it was over with I felt lost, I had no goals I didn't like myself, felt every day was being wasted and I was of no value. And still fighting fatigue, I told my doctor what I was going through and she jumped at the chance to help me. She explained the bio chemestry that I had going on in my body and in the brain, literaly. She prescribed me some medicine and I even cried when she did that cause I didn't want to have to take anther pill. I was talked into taking it and i am very grateful i did. I started to smile again, do things for other people, i was able to do things instead of hating myself. It got me from point A to B, I only needed this medication for a month. Whether or not you need medication I do not know, but please tell your doctor how your feeling especialy if your not getting back into living life. Your days of darkness can and will turn into sunshine, your tears will be less and less, feeling negative will turn into thankgiving and thanksliving. God strengthens us when we are weak, and there is nothing he wont' do for you. He will bring someone, somewhere and someplace into your life. Posting here was the beginning. Please let me know how you are doing, I am thinking of you and giving you a hug right now. Don't worry, your going to be ok and its going to get better. Loving hugs to you.

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