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Dad considering Neobladder

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My dad is 71 and has recurring bladder cancer after several bouts with BCG and Interferon....keeps coming back. His Dr at the University Hosp in Charleston SC is supposedly a leading urologist specializing in Neo's. I'd really like to connect him with others that have had the same procedure so he can get a realistic idea of what to expect and to ask some candid questions. I know he's worried about it even though he won't ask for help. Thanks to anyone that can lead me to some recipients.


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I have no ideal who you are and I will give the Neo-bladder up and downs. I am far from your fathers age (32 here) but I would be more than happy to answer any ?s for you or your father. It has only been a year since my surgary and the Dr. says I need more time to heal but it me telling him what I am going through and how thigs are working or not working will help tell him to call me. I may be some different because I had my prostrate removed at the same time. I know this may be a bad thing to do but this stage in life I do not really care but my cell number (for last 10 years) is (270)789-7739. He may be feel indifferent talking to me since he may think I am a kid and as I said it has only been a year but I am a great talker. I seen u said yall were from C.C I believe and I am from KY (go big blue) lol.

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How are you doing and what is the prognosis at one year??
I also have friend with bladder removed over 4 years and new one made from small intestine and he seems to be doing great.
either here or at olddukey@gmail.com
I'm on because of Prostate Ca and Ive done the drugs intermitently for 18 years and counting.

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There is an active bladder cancer discussion group at:


The people there are very helpful.

and a good website at:


Good luck,

Jeff in Wisconsin

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