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Appendiceal Cancer Caregiver

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My husband was just diagnosed after appendectomy in August. He had surgery and they found widespread cancer. He starts chemo Monday and I am a renal transplant recipient. I'm having a difficult time coping and I am so sad. He is my best friend and my caregiver. I am happy to help him, but I can't imagine how to survive without him. We've have such a hard time. I just needed to vent...He is 46. I am 44. We've been married for 24 years this Dec. We have no children and are overwhelming in debt due to my illness - frankly, I just don't know what to do.

1997 End stage renal disease for me. Oral chemo and the IV chemo to treat autoimmune disease.
1998 Best friend from college died from breast cancer at 39
1999 My Renal Transplant
2001 Moved to be closer to family
2002 Infection lead to disability for me
2002 My father and another father figure passed
2004 My sister died at 44 with complications of MS
2007 Brother (who is my transplant donor) diagnosed with colon cancer - family not sharing a lot of information, but I know that it is at least Stage 3
2008 Hurricane Ike flooded our home - repairs still not complete
2008 Best girlfriend for 20 years died unexpectedly to alcohol poisoning at 39 - I didn't even know she hid that she had been drinking
2009 Home still not complete - husband diagnosed with appendix cancer. Surgery was supposed to be routine/preventive, but revealed multiple adominal tumors and tumor on kidney. Oncologist was not possitive, but we had new scans on Wed. Will review this monday and he will have his first chemo treatment.

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