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Good Cancer or rare cancer

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Hi there: As many of you know, I had my Surgery back in June 30, 2009.I remember when immediately after the surgery the Doctor told my wife "It was a "GOOD CANCER" I had no idea what he meant. Recently my Oncologyst invited me to a meeting of Lung Cancer Survivors and picked me as: "THIS GUY HAD THE REAREST CANCER I HAVE EVER KNOWN....A "GOOD CANCER" But did not explain what he meant except that he closed by saying YOU ARE THE LUCKIEST MAN IN THIS ROOM. I still do not know what good cancer means but my Oncologyst said YOU WILL DIE LIKE EVERYBODY but I do not think it wil be Lung Cancer. However, one thing Cancer had done to me is that it took every interest I ever had in life however, my Oncologyst did say YOU WILL HEAL FROM THAT TOO. As you all know, I am 77 years old and I love life. I don't need a Psycologist, My daughter is one but as she says "OU KNOW WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU NOW ITS UP TO YOU TO COME OUT OF IT."

I still don't know wha is meant by "GOOD CANCER".......:-)


Don Carlos

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I can comment on this to answer your question.

Perhaps yes to both. i had a sarcoma of the lung, had two lobes removed surgically
and nothing else since dec 1998. My tumor was encapsulated in a large (grapefruit size)
blood mass, and removed as a "sack" and that was it, kinda rare I was told. So it could be that the two go hand in hand.

I am currently scheduled for prostate surgery tho, Dec 8th this year, ironically, that is the EXACT day I had the lung surgery !

Best wishes for you for a speedy & full recovery.

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You may be right......Mine was CARCINOMA.


Don Carlos

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