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Hey, I had a just loverly day yesterday. How about all of you?

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Just to forget about cancer for a bit. And think wonderfully dreamy thoughts that come with smiles.

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Glad to hear about your fine day.

You asked about what I had. It wasn't what I had, but what my daughter, Summers, had. She's become highly allergic to almost all foods in the last six months after being mildly allergic her entire life. It has gotten so bad, that all she has been able to eat, or should I say drink, is organic Canadian maple syrup and organic coconut milk, with an occasional egg white and some spinach. That's it. On Thanksgiving, she came over, with her epi-pen and fabulous attitude and decided to try some food. So, what I'm thankful for is that she ate slowly, didn't die or have any emergency room reactions.

When I go shopping for food with her, which she needs to do, cause she has a son at home, and I see all the things that she used to enjoy and can no longer eat, all I want to do is cry. So to see her enjoying food, not without pain, but determined to enjoy it anyway, was what I was thankful for that day. It's Sunday, she stopped by and is still in some pain, but remains upbeat. She used to love to cook and was always designing new recipes making this development particularly hard. She has been a ten year or more vegetarian. With the extreme restrictions on her eating and concern about her body, she actually ate turkey, going against her principles, but knowing it to be in her body's best interest.

Love and kisses to you,


The "loverly" reference in the thread title refers to My Fair Lady, "now wouldn't it be lov-er-ly.

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My dinner came out picture-perfect this year, of course I have made these exact same family recipes and exact same menu every year for decades so I SHOULD get it right! I had 12 around my table: my 2 'boys', my DIL, my 2 grandkids, my stepson and stepdaughter and her boyfriend, my sister and her son, Vic and me.

Thanksgiving takes me 3 full days at the stove to produce. 25 pound turkey stuffed with cornbread filling with red grapes on the platter, 8 lbs. of mashed potatoes (whipped with 3 sticks of butter and 3/4 c. heavy cream), candied sweet potatoes, homemade crescent rolls, broccoli and cheese souffle', Copes corn, homemade creamed cabbage, homemade cranberry relish, my famous turkey gravy, homemade pies: pumpkin, blueberry, cherry, and buttermilk pecan (the last from my sister), several bottles of good wine,....AHHHHHH!

Everyone talking at once and laughing, catching up, mixed in with small moments to connect briefly at a deeper level regarding what the future may hold for me, quickly interrupted by LIFE calling out for immediate attention! In our family, hunting is a part of the Thanksgiving weekend, and so is football, and for my DIL so is Black Friday shopping. And because my boys work in my business and one of my sons is an attorney, business discussions and decisions weave in and out of the conversations. LIFE, FAMILY, WORK, JOY : as bountious as the Thanksgiving table!

With all the 'overnight' company (some still here!) and preparations and keeping up with the laundry and dishes, I've simply been too busy to worry too much about Monday's PET-scan, and too tired to lie awake sleepless thinking about how my life will change if it lights up. As I fell asleep, I thought with all sincerity what a NICE family I have and how LUCKY we all are and so richly blessed.

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:):)Smiles to you all :):)

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I am coming to your house next year...it all sounds yummy!

Since we went to my Sisters for Thanksgiving Dinner this year and visited my Mother in the rehab (leg surgery), I am cooking my Dinner right now...I cannot wait....


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There were 14 of us for Thanksgiving dinner. I started at the beginning of the week so not an overwhelming morning on Thanksgiving day. Four of the five grandchildren that were here are staying for the weekend along with one daughter. They are from two different families and get along just great. Yesterday we went to Bass Pro for their children's activities and to get the required picture with Santa then on to another daughter's house for pizza and then ice skating. The youngest grandson went home with his Dad after the Santa visit. Busy, busy times and lots of fun listening to the kids and watching their antics. One of the little girls told me a story about when she was going on her honeymoon. I asked her if she knew who she was going to marry. She said she would marry her cousin, Nicky, and he could be her cousband. She always makes me laugh. When she grows up she's going to be a medipara. A nice break from traveling for treatments.

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Well, this sounds positive - relating enjoyable times. My daughter and I go to Martha's Vineyard every Thanksgiving. It's my favorite holiday, and a tradition that started with friends about 25 years ago. Dinner prep on Wed night and Thursday morning - then a long, long walk. My friends husband organizes the walk /we've covered the island! This year it was Lambert's Cove beach. A little overcast, but beautiful. We had dinner in the evening. There were about 20 of us - some with assorted small children. Let's see - we had turkey, stuffing, baked beets with sweet potatoes, green beans with almond slivers - homemade cranberry sauce - and I know I'm forgetting something. Dessert was an assortment of pies - (I always bring that big fruit tarte from Whole Foods, which everyone loves!) Came back to Boston last night and dropped my daughter off at the airport early this morning. She's going to Burmuda for a few days. Lucky Duck! So now I'm home along (with my two kitties, Big Guy and Little Sweetie) and will soon begin correcting papers, and organizing teaching agendas for next week - feeling thankful that I have two days at home to slowly organize - I may even clear off my desk! Pleased to hear that you all had an enjoyable Thanksgiving.

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I think I have done about 34 Thanksgiving dinners in my life time. For the first time, my daughter hosted Thanksgiving in Washington DC in her small apartment. "Urban Thanksgiving" she called it. She flew my second daughter in and the two of them made all our traditional Thanksgiving Fare. My heart throbbed with warmth seeing them cook, beat, spill and even try a new recipe; stuffing the bird with fruits and herbs. Em stuffed some herbs under the skin! Gives the bird an entirely different look! We always try one new thing to liven the dinner up. Sometimes it flops but that's fun too. We sat on her bar stool table and could see the city lights. I brought dessert and a few gifts for her apartment and we all decided the glass turkey candles in different colors won the prize.

We did black Friday but after treatment I couldn't get up at 4 am. Since I have gone back to work I find I am more fatigued. We adjusted. We laugh and buy a few Christmas decorations we just can't resist. My daughter has two Christmas parties to go to so we had fun as she tried on pretty holiday dresses. We buzzed in and out of dressing rooms and found THE dress. We matched it with clunky sparkling jewlery. Out for lunch we went, keeping it easy. We gab and giggle. I am doing well with the neuropathy now; the medication is balanced and I don't struggle with it until I am tired at night.

In my heart I also thought of all of you too. Because I share the hard work it is to just put cancer away for a while and slide into the normalcy that sometimes our families need. In between blood tests and scans, chemo and radiation, fear and hope, we march on. Thank you for sharing with me. I give us all permission to slow down during the holiday season. Put your feet up, have that herbal tea (with ginger - Claudia!) and a big chocolate.


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Thanks for reminding to be thankful and focus on something other than "the beast"; since moving to Hawaii, we've been celebrating Thanksgiving at the beach; the village in which we live, sponsors a pot luck dinner; 88 of us showed up this year; the food was interesting and the company most pleasant; I have no right to complain about anything...sitting next to the fish ponds used in ancient times by Hawaiian kings, enjoying the warm breezes and eating such bounty in paradise

thanks for the reminder

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