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1st chemo tomorrow and worried

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Well I have chemo tomorrow at (9:30 am my heart is pounding and it is only 4:20 pm the night before lol) I already feel like I can't breathe I know I will be fine , but anxiety is high....... Thanks everyone Lisa xoxoxo

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I know how you feel. Believe me. Don't sit around thinking about it. Have you taken your steriod pill yet? This might make you a bit hyper, so do something with all that energy. Get your living room or bedroom cozy to spend a few days vegging out in. Rent or buy a few favorite movies. Stock the fridge with some good food. The night before my first chemo, my husband and I went out to dinner. You will do fine, I promise. Good luck!


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You will be fine..........I'll be with you in spirit...Huge Hugs Jxxxxxxx

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You'll make it! I slept through all of my chemo treatments because they gave me Phenergan as an anti-nausea drug. Nighty-night! Here's my advice to you regarding meds . . . if one isn't working for you INSIST on another. Whatever they usually prescribe for nausea did not work for me, and the nurses insisted that it did. By treatment two, I demanded something else, and I got an assortment of phenergan, kytril and ativan. Much, much better. There are sooooo many drugs for chemo side effects and they will work. Remember to follow all the doc's directions and drink lots of water!

Prayers are coming to you from Maryland!


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Try not to worry. Hugs.

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holding your hand. Just close your eyes and you'll see lots of sisters smiling at you and lending you some of their strength.

You can do this!

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I will be thinking of you tomorrow--let us know how it goes. Hugs & prayers sent your way....

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Hi Lisa know how you feel think everyone feels the same when its 1st chemo. It really isn't as bad as we all imagine. Plenty of us have conquered it and I know you will too. Sending all best wishes sure you will sail through it. Please let us know how it goes. Hugs.

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the first time - it'll be OK. You'll do just fine! Let everyone take care of you! Know we are all here for you - praying for, sending you all our positive vibes, thoughts, wishes - keeping you close to our hearts. We'll all be waiting to hear how well you do!
much love,

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Lisa as stated by everyone here, you will Make It! Chemo is doable. The actual infusion wasnt nearly as bad as the fear of the unknown. My nurse said that my anxiety wouldnt help so I mirrored the behavior of everyone else getting their chemo. No one was distressed but me. I sat with 2 ladies who were talking, drinking coffee, and laughing I thought if they can do this and behave this way, so can I, and I did it. A calm came over me, and I even ate lunch while the chemo was being infused. It's that fear of the unknown. I'll be praying for you, and remember all kinds of positive energy is being sent your way by true warriors.. I'll look forward to your post when you are ready to tell us about it. Sending bunches of Hugs!

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I know, easier said than done! I was a nervous mess the day before and the day of my first chemo. Like others have suggested, ask the doc. for some drugs to relax you (Ativan works great) before they start your infusion. You will relax and before you know it, it will be over with. Best wishes- Jane

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We are all here to help and support you....we all know how you are feeling right now...Why? Because WE feel the same.....

Chin up, fix something yummy tonight, get into your best jammies and watch a funny show or movie. Before you know it, all the chemo will be over, and it will be 5 years later, like me!!!!

Oh, and don't forget to keep hydrated tonight....I peed like a horse, but it made everything easier in the long run....my goal was always 4 quarts a day....day before, day of, day after infusion.

Hugs, Kathi

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I had my first chemo on monday nov23,09 and i didnt know what to think.after they went it to my port and go the blood they need for blood work i was like ok, i can do this did think i would lose my mind sitting there for 3hrs but i looked at some tv,did some reading them went to sleep they had to wake me and tell me my time was up..lol...you will be fine i must say the one thing that help me a lot was that the nurse expline everything to me as she was doing it. i was like cool..please post and let us know how your first chemo went..one thing that did help me was the jello that i took with me to eat i also had water. there was some people eating lunch. good luck you will be fine...

Mama G
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I'll be getting my 3rd Taxol, (7th chemo in all)tomorrow at 10am, so I'll be thinking of you. Close your eyes and picture so many other women doing the same thing we are.... and then think of the poor little kids who have to go through it and suffer in hospitals while we have the benefit of sitting in an office with other people to talk to and help us through it. I figure, if I prevented ONE child from having to do this, it's worth it.
WE can do this!!!! NOt fun, but we can do it so that we can have more FUN in our lives when it's all done. God bless,

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How did it go today? Ihad my first one today too. I did fine just a tad tired tonite. Hope yours went well also. Was thinking about you and sending you good vibes!

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I was terrified with my first chemo, but I was really surprised just how easy it went. The nurses explained everything to me and were so kind to me. Just remember that we are all there for you and by this time tomorrow night you will have 1 treatment behind you.

Linda t

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I thank all of you from the bottem of my heart...thid site is not only the breastcancersurvivorsnetwork but the "angels network"I feel better already!!! I again cannot express what all of you mean to be and what the feedback does for my anxiety or :fear of the unknown: so (huge hugs)and alot of love xoxoxoxo


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We are here every step of the way...you know that don't you??? Breathe in, breathe out, and know that the chemo is waging war against the Beast and...the chemo is going to win!!!!
Visualize all of us with you, because we are, you know. Hugs,


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As usual, Chen's advise is on cue. BREATHE!! Deep breaths in, hold it and let it out slowly helps with anxiety. The nurses should be giving you something for anxiety and that will help too. As Chen said, chemo is our buddy... it's what is going to go in and kick the beasts BUTT! So let it in to swim around and scope out and kill those bad boys!

Hugs & prayers you'll do just fine!

Let us know... Mar

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thinking of you at this moment and praying it is all going smoothly!!!!

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