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I have a question

Cheryl Z
Cheryl Z Member Posts: 36
edited March 2014 in Colorectal Cancer #1
Good morning everyone. My husband finished 30 rounds of radiation on September 2nd and his 12 rounds of chemo on November 12th. For the last week and a half the first bowel movement in the morning is real dark blood. The rest of the day is fine. Also when he blows his nose it has dark blood in it. We thought these after effects could be from the radiation which damn near killed him. We called the doctor to express our concerns yesterday and they had him come right in for blood work. His counts were down from a week and a half ago and he said that there is internal bleeding. He called the internist while we were there and he told us to go over to his office immediately. After the internist did a rectal exam he said there is definitely internal bleeding and we need to find out where it is coming from. He is leaning toward either a bleeding ulcer or damaged rectum from radiation. We are going into the hospital this morning and he will have an endoscopy and a sigmoidoscopy. My question is has anyone here ever had the same symptoms after treatments were complete? Thanks for any input. I am trying to put my mind at ease.


  • PhillieG
    PhillieG Member Posts: 4,866
    Can not offer anything
    other than to say that I'm sorry your husband is having this complication. I hope they quickly fix whatever seems to have gone wrong. I have no experience with radiation at all.
  • KATE58
    KATE58 Member Posts: 299
    I don't know anything about
    I don't know anything about radiation ,but I know when I had really low platelet
    counts,I used to get nosebleeds and if counts are low enough can cause spontaneous
    bleeding.good luck and I hope your husband will be ok
  • Sundanceh
    Sundanceh Member Posts: 4,392
    Did Radiation Too
    Hi Cheryl

    I did 25x rounds of radiation myself and it was a KILLER!

    It wrecked my whole insides - I used to see the intestinal lining coming out in the toilet bowl every morning with so much blood it would make you sick. The worst looking "stew" I ever saw in my life.

    I'd be leaning towards radiation damage as the cause, but hopefully your doctor will verify.

    I had a rectum resection following that and the first 2 years were the worst - overall it has taken me 5 years to recover from that and be able to go "normal" again.

    So, I'm a radiation survivor too - maybe my story will help.

  • karguy
    karguy Member Posts: 1,020
    I think craig is right,I did 30 rounds of radiation,and chemo at the same time,and when I went to the bathroom I got chunks of bloody flesh,and lots of blood.The radiation dr. said it was normal to have that type of problems.I also was very sore,and in alot of pain when I would go.I hope that helps.