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watery eyes?

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Anyone on taxotere and cytoxan have problems with watery eyes? Ever since my last chemo ( Tue.11/10) my eyes water all the time to the point the vision becomes blury. Another of those fun side effects.

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Mine water almost constantly. And they are thick and yucky in the morning when I wake up. Vision is affected too. Yup - another fun side effect. ;)

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My eyes also itched and were very watery. I finally realized my "problem" was that my eyelashes were slowly coming out. They're growing back now ... but not very fast.


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yes my eyes watered quite a bit

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Mine have been very dry.

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I had the opposite effect: annoyingly dry eyes. It's always something isn't it? So sorry you are experiencing these symptoms. Any solutions from your oncologist?


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Yes, my eyes watered most of the time. Looked like I was crying. The sun and the wind also made then water more. Driving was hard also when eyes are blurred. Sunglasses helped a bit. I also found that since I had chemo, my eyes changed. I had to wear reading glasses before I started, now I have to wear a higher number or I can not read a all. This is a pain. Good Luck

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Various chemo drugs cause a variety of lovely and often common side effects. I've been on two chemo regimens since April, and I have had constant watery eyes with the accompanying and very appealing morning crustiness. I also have drippy nose and occasional nose bleeds.

Currently, enjoying a quiet tummy and morning java :)

donna peach

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When I ws on A/C my eyes were very dry and then would pour water. OTC moisturizing eye drops helped a lot but could not wear any eye makeup during the entire 8 weeks. On Taxol now and not having any problems (can wear eye makeup again) other than from the wind and they water more when I'm out in it.

Water would just pour out of nose too on A/C - like a spickot was turned on.


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I had 4 chemo treatments.
The doctor gave me a prescription but it didn't do anything.
I finish my last chemo on Sept 21.
I couldn't even wear my contacts after my 2nd treatment.
I still not able to wear my contacts but my eyes are not as watery anymore.
Just hand in there...it will get better.....
hugs your way....

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watery eyes, dripping nose and blurry vision - going on 6 or maybe 7 weeks now. I've been told .. chemo side effort ..

Thank you Taina for letting us all know that there is relief after chemo treatment ends. Also, I love the updated photo .. you look nice and healthy .. Good going, Girl!!!!!


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VickiSam, thanks a lot.
I hope you feel better too.

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I just googled this because my eyes are driving me crazy!!!! Also, runny nose with nose bleeds..... stupid cancer....

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