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((((((Barb)))))) So sorry about your mom.

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I'm so sorry to hear about your mom, Barb. I think of my own mother so much as the Thanksgiving meal planning and preparations are underway. I remember her drinking coffee early early Thanksgiving morning as she stuffed the turkey to get in the oven, stopping to cut the pumpkin pie for me for breakfast "because I know you won't have room for it after dinner." I always eat a piece of pumpkin pie as I get my turkey into the oven Thanksgiving morning and think of her. And if the grandkids sleep over Wednesday night, (and I know they will!) they will hurry down to eat pie first thing and have me tell them that story again. So, my mother's love lives on and the legend of her love will live on even after I am gone. And I know you are surrounded by your mother's love, too, Barb. ((((((Big Hug)))))

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Thank you Linda. I'm channeling my mom this Thanksgiving- with each dish I serve. My mom was famous for always forgetting one of the dishes till we started cleaning up the meal. I wonder which one I'll forget? I'll pause for the pie and save a sweet thought for our moms. Wishing everyone a Happy Healthy Thanksgiving. Peace and Love!

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As was said earlier...So very sorry about your mom. No matter how old we are or they are when they pass our mom is always so special to us as their daughters. I lost mine to lung cancer when she was 62. She never got a break. A very difficult ending. It takes time, but the good times are what we keep to stay strong. My youngest daughter was born after my mom was gone, so I tried so hard to keep traditions with her to give her the feeling of having met her grandma. It must have worked, ......one day she was crying her eyes out... when I asked 'why'? she said " I miss my grandma!" OOps. Maybe it was too much for her. Either way it is always nice to know a grandma/moms love always lives on in our hearts. Have a good traditional holiday... for her in spirit too!! Hugs.

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