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No Luck with Cialis / Dr. suggest BIMIX (injection)

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It has been 6 months since Robotic Surgery. My doctor suggested cialis (take one as needed). I have not had any notiable erection since surgery. My wife is taking it better than me. Anyone with different results?

Jim (shubbysr)

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Have you, and your doctor, considered penile rehab?

I started rehab a few weeks after my surgery. The rehab consists of taking a low dose of Viagra five times per week, an injection (Trimix) twice a week, and the use of a VED. The idea is to encourage blood flow to the penis to sustain it until natural erections occur. For me, the Trimix really works well ... and results in an extremely usable erection. I don't use the VED a whole lot (maybe a couple of times a week) ... usually when I want a good stretch.

You can get a lot of specifics on Penile Rehab in the book "Saving Your Sex Life" by John P. Mulhall, M.D. When I first obtained this book (pre surgery), I thought I would have no need for it. With time, I've found that I refer to it on an increasingly frequent basis.

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I usually get a few jokes from my doctor. He believes in certain drugs (his way) and nothing else. I do remember a posting that referred to a plan of Cialis for a certain # of days, switch to Viagra for a certain # of days. I am looking into options, and have an excellent GP, willing to help. Thanks for the ideas.

shubbysr (jim)

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Good luck on whatever you can find. I've been lucky and having success with levitra. Works best on an empty stomach. I also found that using a penis ring around the base of the penis helps to hold the blood in once it gets there.

My wife can complain 'not now I have a headache' but I am not going to use that Execuse!
I take tylenol or something similiar along with it to counter the headache from the levitra.


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Me, too. No responses from all three Ed meds. Suggested that I try
Cialis together with either Viagra or Levitra. No real response
after several tries but then, to my surprise, blood filled in with
some real enlargement. Waiting to try again.

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The one thing for sure is things have really changed. Yes the erection is there with Cialis and sometimes really good. But, withoutit at times takes real concentration and not as firm.

The spontaniety part that is missing is the worse. I feel that almost always having to arrange to have sex really hampers the mood.

But in the end, I am just fortunate to be able to have really good sex every so often. My incontinence makes the whole thing, even more challenging.


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Hi all I am 6 weeks post surgery How long before you tried viagra ect Its the least of my worries yet just get incontinance sorted first I had nerve sparing so hope this will make a differance still my wife and I had a healthy sex life and I miss the intermit times thanks for some honest comments Shane

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My Uroligist indicated that I start theraphy immediately upon removal of the cath. Reason: Maintaining Penile length, dilate arteries, and oxygenate penile tissue otherwise the tissue will atrophy and make it still unusable once the nerves kick back in and natural blood flow starts up again. He has me on a quarter pill (100 mg Viagra) 6 days and on the 7th day a full pill. He wants me to buy a pump and use that everyday reaching an erection 4 times in each session and doing this twice per day. I am two days post cath removal and still need to buy my pump...believe I have settled on the one I want...it's between buying the industrial strength one and the virtual same model but over the counter version which is $180 cheaper...I think because it's my wanger I will opt for the $325 industrial version...thinking if by some small chance I can never get natural...at least I'll have a long lasting toy! If I were you I'd be seeking some penile therapy immediately - my 2 cents.

Randy in Indy

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I agree Randy. It seems many doc's don't really deal with the issue as they should. Of course it all depends on the age of patient and their sexual activity level before surgery.

I was actually able to get an erection earlier this week with out the pill. I had taken one the day before so maybe some residual things going on. Still takes lots of stimulation. So far I've not used a pump just the Levitra. The headaches are seeming to lesson but then again I pre-medicate with tylenol etc before popping the Levitra.

Larry in TN. Age 55. Almost six months post davinci. (Feb. 2010)

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I also take viagra but seem to have a better not good but better effect with Yohimbe bark and saw palmetto added in. I get the same flushing viagra gave me but with somewhat better effects.


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Here's another very important factor to consider. If you are on a statin medication, such as Crestor, Zocor, Lipitor, etc., to reduce cholesterol, that one medication by itself can cause erectile dysfunction. So, you've got more than the trauma from the surgery to overcome with Cialis or Viagra.

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