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Hope for the extreme cases

Kent Cass
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Joined: Nov 2009

For all who question their chances- their hope, I submit the true story of a former co-worker. His stepson told me what I now tell you, and what I believe is true, from what I have seen and heard. The subject is still alive and well.
This co-worker, who I will refer to as FS, went thru radiation treatment for oral cancer several years ago, locally- only radiation, without chemo.
When the symptoms of cancer/probems came back in a large way, FS traveled some 50 miles to a midwest University hospital that has a great head and neck reputation. The Drs., there, said the locals had not treated him right- he should have gotten both chemo and rad. And, they would not let him go home, which is to say he was immediately checked-into their hospital.
The initial Operation for FS lasted some 14 hours- yes, 14 hours! And during his recovery, around midnight one night, his jugular ruptured, which involved another major Op. Though I am well aware of many gruesome facts about what was done to him, I cannot share them in this forum. Said is just the way it is with him. And, modern medicine helped him thru it. What is important, bottom-line, is that in less than 2 1/2 months after the long first Op., FS was back to work at his regular job as a Maintenace Man in a local factory. Not only did FS survive, and continues to do so, but he was back to the former semblance of the life he has known for years. Yes, his battle does continue, and he is physically changed, but he has not lost hope, or the will to survive. And survive he does.
So, I submit this for all to read, with my wishes that all who are undergoing active oral treatment, which may include surgery, not lose hope. What I went thru with my own cancer pales in comparison to what FS went thru. The Lord will not give anyone more than that anyone can deal with, even if modern medicine must play it's part in making sure this truth holds.

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Thanks for that ulifting information!! We all need it now and again. Some more than others:)

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What a beautiful post! Thank you Kent. Although my case cannot compare to FS I found your writing inspiring and uplifting, as I am sure many others will too. I have learned that the Lord will never let go of me thru the highs and thru the lows! He is holding me in the palm of his hand. I have so much left to do on this earth, it is not my time. I am thankful to be able to actually be eating Thanksgiving with my family (6 weeks after head and neck cancer treatment) this year, something I used to take for granted. I believe this was His way of getting my attention, and this journey has put my whole life into perspective. Prayers to you Kent for sharing, and prayers for a continued recovery.

Kent Cass
Posts: 1898
Joined: Nov 2009

pattyanny- I got my suspicions that this will be a very good Thanksgiving for you. And thank you for what you have written. Believe.

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