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1st Oxyplatin Treatment & started Zeloda - anyboday take L-Acetyl Carnitine

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Had my first Oxplatin treatment and started Zeloda pills. I have neuropathy and wondered if anyone takes L-Acetyl Carnitine? If so - where to get it? Need something for sure.

Also have jitters from the steroids I take. So far no nausea - just had my 3rd day of Imend and also take prylosec. Hope it continues to keep it down? Not much appetite but eating anyway.

Have constipation - just took 2 vegetable laxative pills. Had some clear fluid leak out of my rectum a few times - is that normal?

Thanks for your help!

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I get calcium and magnesium by IV before and after the oxy.

I also take ALA supplements. I get mine at Target. They also have them at GNC stores.
Alpha Lupoic Acid. There have been numerous studies showing ALA helps diabetics with neuropathy, and some studies about it helping cancer patients on oxy. I am not familiar with what you listed above.

I have had some extreme issues from the oxy, so we lengthened my infusion time yesterday and it made a big difference.

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You have had ONE tx with Oxi? Kiddo, you ain't seen nuthin' yet!

Jitters: The steroids wear off pretty quickly. I would CRASH at about 24 hours. Some people get mean or weepy. Hubby took them for years for a lung condition so we knew what to expect. I would not have a lot of patience and I am a very, very, very even keeled and easy going person.

Constipation: Mine was pretty darn bad but caued by the 5FU in Folfox. I would be proactive and eat raisin bran before tx day, day of tx an for several days after. I don't know about the leakage but have read that children who are severely constipated (encoporsesis sp?) will leak around the blockage.

Honestly, the neuorpathy you have now most assuredly will ease up after a few days but after a while, it doesn't go away. I'm 3 1/2 months out from chemo an mine got much, much worse about a month after chemo ended. I think it's starting to get better, tho it is very hard to type if you cannot feel the keys. I stll trip and wobble some. :oD

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