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elevated blood counts

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All along my blood counts have been good and normal, now I just found out they are elevated, so what does that mean that the cancer is back somewhere??? Now I have to go for all the tests again, mamo, bone scan, and pet. Don't you think that's what it sounds like?

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What did your oncologist say? What is elevated? Where are you in your treatment? Welcome to this page. We will be here for you through this process. Waiting for test results isn't fun, I know.


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Which part of your labs are elevated?

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I am confused. Which part is elevated?

Have you called your oncologist and talked this over with him?

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I don't know. They always say you can't just go by a blood count. Some doctors don't even take them as a follow up. If you have questions call the doctor's office and ask. They should explain to you so you understand what is going on.

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Which doc did the blood work? I would ask him/her specifically what work was done and what the results mean. Not knowing the specifics can add to the worry and stress.

Try not to panic, your docs are being cautious. Please let us know when you find out something. Eil

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