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Does radiation normaly make you tired ?

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Hi everyone,I had my number 7 radiation treatment today.i have to drive like 40 miles to get their.I don,t know if it is the drive or the Rads. making me really tired.But it is so much easier then Chemo.It seams so far away from the finish line.I am hoping it starts going faster.Thanks for your replys.(Pat).

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Both the radiation and the 40 mile drive will make you tired.

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made me very tired too - and Im sure the drive is no help for you either :)


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YES, it makes you tired! I am exhausted and I don't have a 40 mile drive. I have had 18 treatments, no pinkness yet. I am supposed to get another CT scan for the "BOOST" coming after 7 more reg treatments, then just 5 boosts. BUT, I'm also dealing with that antibiotic induced diarrhea. ARRGh.

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And the drive will make you EXTRA tired. i had a 10 min drive to my therapy and I made it a habit to nap every day~ usually between 2-4 pm. And carried this on thru the next 3 years. One can never be too rested! Hang in there girl. And say YES to the Nap!

New Flower
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Definitely Nap, a lot of liquids, and moisturizer for the skin

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Hi pprudin,
I'm on # 18 today, just over halfway for me. I find that rads make me really tired, especially at the end of the day. I just run out of engery. I try to rest in the afternoons, but with 2 girls that need to be at different activities, that dosnt always happen. Try to rest whenever you can. It is so much better than chemo, but still, after everything our bodies have been through we need to rest. I'm just starting to get red in the radiated area. Time for the lotin.
Good Luck,

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I was very lucky to have the radiation center not far from work and home ... so I'd just leave work at 4:00 ... have the treatment at 4:30 and then go home. It wasn't bad at all until the final week ... with the boosters. They really drained me and I'd find myself going to be by 8:00 and then hardly able to get out of bed in the morning to go to work. But ... that's all behind me now ... and it won't be long before your radiation treatments will also be part of your past. Hang in there ... :-)


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patti anne
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I had a long drive for my radiation treatments as well...50 miles. It got to the point at the end, that I had my daughter drive with me because sometimes I just felt SO tired. I also had to get up at 4:30am to beat traffic, so I'm sure that added to my exhaustion.

I hope the time goes quickly for you!

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Yes, it makes you tired. That is why you are suppose to get lots of rest. We drove an hour and a half each way, so, three hours on the road, but, that wasn't what made me tired. It was just the radiation. But, I didn't feel that until about 4 weeks in. Hope you feel better.

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