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anyone else have scalp pain?

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I have scalp pain, guessing it is from when my hair ( the few threds I have left) move in a different direction than they are used to , like lying in bed , rub against pillow , or when I put on a bandana and set it back , or just to the touch, in spots, pain , short loud pain,
goes away quickly but painful all the same,
anyone keep the hair instead of shaving it all off? and have you had same problems? what did you do about it?
I have had ocassion to have to use pain pills for teeth or other things and the pills do not fizz on the scalp pain, I do shower 3 times a week and clean the hair/scalp once a week, not too dry but usual winter slight dryness of scalp /.

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I remember my scalp being extremely sensitive and 'burn-y' feeling during the weeks my hair was falling out. I read somewhere that it is best to get your hair cut to about 1" long instead of shaving it if your head is sensitive. That way your hats and wigs won't push down on the stubble and make your scalp hurt even more (the slighly longer hairs lay down under the hat instead of sticking up and getting pushed down by your head coverings.)

Once I was totally bald, the scalp pain disappeared and didn't return.

I think of that when I am brushing my pet rabbit. When he is actively shedding he HATES to be brushed even though he loves the attention. I think his skin is more sensitive when he is shedding and that my brushing hurts him; and I think that's how my scalp was. Once my bunny stops shedding, he LOVES for me to brush him.

I can't believe that there's a good chance now that I have a recurrance and will be going back into chemo and lose my hair AGAIN! How do the women with ovarian cancer, who roll in and out of chemo and baldness over and over for years, stand it?

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I also experienced severe scalp pain in 2005 when I received chemotherapy with Taxol and Carboblatin. It hurt so badly I cut the length off to make it easier to wash and pick up off the floor. Once it all fell out the pain stopped. I'm going through chemo again since October and have the same issue. I'm almost bald now and it is easing up a bit. Nobody else I've spoken with has mentioned this side effect. Thank you for sharing.

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I am so saddened to hear the phrase going through chemo again. I hope that your responses are kicking things back down again. I can't think of any reason other than cancer that chemo would be necessary. Would you be able to let us know of your history.

Thank you,


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I had my last infusion (#6 of 6) of carbo/taxol October 8. Although I am not experiencing scalp PAIN, I am experiencing scalp SUPER SENSITIVITY. I only shampoo my scalp a couple times a weeks because it is so sensitive. Hair has started to grow back, but is has a different texture from before chemo. I am thinking of shaving it off when I sense the texture changing back to something more normal, unless, of course, I experience a recurrence in the near future.


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